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BingoAustralia $150,000 Pirates Booty Tournament

Bingo Australia Promotion

All bingo players at BingoAustralia can take the role of a real pirate and try to find the hidden treasures buried in the Main Contest Room. There will be $150,000 worth of prizes to find, so it is up to you whether you’ll be able to grab them on time.

Raise the Jolly Roger and head over to the Main Contest Room, where you can play exciting multi-part games, and start looking for hidden treasures. You can double or triple your chances of winning in one single game, and soon you’ll learn how!

$150,000 Pirates Booty Promo at BingoAustralia

BingoAustralia is known to promote different tournaments and offers that could get you some staggering prizes. This May, there’s the $150,000 Pirates Booty promo running, offering $5,000 in guaranteed cash every week of the month, plus jackpots of $10,000 every hour and many other types of weekly prizes.

You can take on the role of a pirate and start looking for the treasures buried at BingoAustralia, by depositing and playing bingo on any Chest/Gold Coins Games throughout May.
Each Chest/Gold Coins win gets you 1 point into the weekly ranking. Each deposit you’ve made within the weekly contests will get you 3 points into the ranking, and each $10 you wager on any of the Chest/Gold Coins games will get you 2 points.

Now, the weeks from the 1st until the 7th and from the 8th until the 14th have passed, but you still have the weeks from the 15th until the 21st and from the 22nd until the 31st to participate. The winners will be selected by the top 5 depending on the contest week or at random. So, you should know that from the 15th to the 21st is the Top Five-week, and from the 22nd until the 31st is the Random Draw week.

Prizes are as follows: the player in 5th place will get $25 BBs, the one in 4th place $50 BBs, the one in 3rd place $75 BBs, and the one in 2nd place $100 BBs. The player in the 1st place will grab $200 BBs.

But There’s More!

Not only will you get to discover the above-described treasures, but you’ll also get a chance to take part in the huge $2,500 Weekly Grand Prize Giveaway!

That’s right, the points you collect every week will qualify for the grand event, and at the end of each week, BingoAustralia will raffle off $625 in cash among all qualified players. There will be four $625 up for grabs!

Plus, let’s not forget the jackpots to be found every hour, of $10,000! So, since Prebuys are available, for tickets of 25c to $1, make sure you grab your place in these amazing events to find the long-lost hidden treasures of the pirates and win big! The events will last until the 31st of May, so you still have a chance to win a prize, from the many offered at BingoAustralia! Let the hunt for the treasures begin!

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