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BingoBilly’s 16th Anniversary Celebration July 2021

bingobilly 16th anniversary celebration

A Sweet 16 Celebration! Let’s Celebrate BingoBilly’s 16th Anniversary

Let’s get ready for the big Sweet 16 Party at Bingo Billy. It is time for their 16th-anniversary celebration, which is the most exciting event that is filled with an abundance of special prizes. There are so many winning opportunities that players can enjoy that are going to represent the impressive amount of years that BingoBilly has been within the borders of the entertainment world.

Here, we have managed to create this article that will help you get ready for the biggest party of the season, thus properly prepare to celebrate the Sweet 16th Anniversary event. Continue reading and you will get a chance to explore all of the details regarding the celebration, as well as the opportunities that will grant you some of the biggest winnings! Let’s get started.

Anniversary Celebration Party Details

This is your official invitation to the big Sweet 16 Party at BingoBilly. Mark your calendar, since the promo started on June 1st and will last till July 17th. There are so many generous prizes and exciting games that you will get a chance to explore during this celebratory time frame, thus enjoy the most exciting atmosphere that every party should have.

Furthermore, you can immediately place your deposit, and access the gaming events that are scheduled to happen within the Anniversary Room from 4 pm to 8 pm ET. Within the private anniversary room, players can explore the most exciting features that will allow you to enjoy some of the best game settings, as well as the possibility to win jackpots! The excitement is real, so you better hurry, place the deposit and RSVP this 16th Anniversary invitation to celebrate BingoBilly.

Important 16th Anniversary Celebration Event Codes

Every party has a specific set of important things that guests should follow. This is also the case when it comes to celebrating the Sweet 16 Celebration Party at BingoBilly. All of the players will be awarded within the Anniversary Room, meaning you can play your bingo game without any game winnings and still be in the run for the major prizes based on the total of cards that you have bought during the celebration.

Here, within this anniversary party, you will find daily prizes that will reward the unluckiest players in the room. Starting from the 3rd worst result winner that will get $25.00 cash, the 2nd worst result winner that will get $50.00 cash, and the absolute Worst result winner of the day will get the chance to win $100.00 in cash.

Alongside the daily rewards for the unluckiest players, there are general rewards that are based on a similar reward system. Here, the 11th – 1000th worst results will win $10.00 cash each, 6th to 10th worst result will win $25.00 cash each, 5th worst result will win $50.00, 4th worst result will win $75.00, 3rd worst result will win $100.00, 2nd worst result will win $200.00, and finally the 1st worst result player will win $300.00 in cash.

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