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Happy Hour Boost at BingoBilly

Join BingoBilly’s Happy Hour for a Delicious Boost

If you’ve been an online Bingo fanatic for a while now, you’re probably well-acquainted with BingoBilly. The online Bingo haven provides players with an excellent array of Bingo rooms, updates, and more than a few promos to boost your online Bingo experience. As you can probably tell by the title, the operator is giving players exactly what they want yet again with its Happy Hours Promo! We offer a $60 exclusive BingoBilly no deposit bonus for our players.

Pour a Drink at Happy Hour

The name of the Happy Hour promotion at BingoBilly should give you a hint of what to expect. Every Sunday and Monday in March, players can expect to receive a cash bonus on top of their Bingos, depending on their deposit status! These rewards vary significantly based on the player level, so keep that in mind before proceeding.

As the name of the promotion states, the Happy Hours promotion is restricted to one hour per day. It runs from 7 PM to 8 PM ET every Sunday and Monday of this month, and players can partake in it by visiting the LuckyCup Diner Room.

A breakdown of the Rewards

As always, BingoBilly does an incredible job of adding hefty boosts to their promos. First up, let’s look at what a Sunday or Monday depositor can acquire with this promo. As a reward on top of their first Bingo, these depositors will receive a $10 Bonus prize. Naturally, things don’t end there. The reward for their 2nd Bingo is topped with a $20 bonus. If a lucky player manages to get a 3rd Bingo, they’ll receive a $30 bonus!

The second type of depositor we’ll take a look at is the March depositor with no deposit on Sunday or Monday. As expected, the prizes these players can acquire are less exciting than the last. It doesn’t matter if they’re on their first, second, or third Bingo. It doesn’t even matter if they achieve these Bingos consecutively! The prize for all three of these wins, respectively, is a $5 bonus.

The last depositor category isn’t too specific, as it consists of pretty much any other player that has deposited on the website who doesn’t belong in any of the last two categories. These players might not be too enthused by their reward, but it’s good they’re included at all! As a reward on top of their first, second, and third Bingo, these users will receive a $1 bonus.

Some Things to Note

The happy Hour promo at BingoBilly might be an exciting time for players, but it also comes with a few responsibilities. The first thing players should keep in mind is their chat availability. Since this is how the wins are claimed, make sure you’re active in the room’s chat.

Another important thing to note is that wins can only be claimed until the beginning of the following game! We know how easy it is to get swept up in a moment of victory, but be mindful of the time, or you’ll miss your chance at a prize.

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