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BingoFest $2500 Nickel Bingo Game

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The Biggest Nickel Games Are Here!

Winning fantastic prizes is something that every player wants to experience in their ongoing journey. Now, all of these wishes can be transformed into reality with the introduction of the most exciting games that are currently happening at BingoFest. Every bingo member at BingoFest should be aware of the Nickel Room. This is one of the most exciting bingo happening that you will get a chance to further explore.

Here, you can play for a Nickel a card to win some of the most fantastic cash prizes. And if you continue reading you will find out all of the juicy details that you need to know. So, let’s get right into it.

Basic Gaming Features

To be able to play all of the exciting games you will have to join in the Nickel Bingo room which is available every week between 1:00 pm EDT and 9:00 pm EDT. This Nickel Bingo room is full of some of the most exciting low-cost B75 games that players can enjoy for the most fantastic cash prizes. Every game that you play in the Nickel Bingo room only costs a Nickel a card.

The Crazy Nickel Games

You can access the Crazy Nickel Games and play for a low cost of only $0.05 a card, thus have a fantastic cash payout that actually starts at $100.00.

As the game takes place, every time the ball is called the prize pot will slightly drop until somebody wins, or it eventually reaches a guaranteed minimum of $10.00 cash prize.

The Starting Bingo Games

Alongside the fantastic cash prizes that can be won for only a nickel a card, you can access the Starting $25.00 Bingo games. This impressive low-cost bingo game only requires $0.05 a card so that you can win a guaranteed starting cash prize which begins with $25.00 and keeps on growing as the player places wagers.

The Fantastic Coverall Games

These are the exciting Top of the Hour $2,500.00 Coverall min $25.00 Games that are played in the Nickel Bingo room. Here, a player can win the most incredible $2,500.00 cash prize with a card that costs only $0.05.

Additional Features to Remember

Once you have explored the leading gaming features, you will have to keep track of the time frame that you have in the day so that you can tune in to play these exciting bingo games. You can visit the Bingo Fest site every day between 1:00 pm EDT and 9:00 pm EDT in the Nickel Bingo room and access the best low-cost B75 bingo games.

All of the prizes that are available cash out up to $2,500.00 that you can potentially win just by entering the game with a minimum of $0.05 a card. These are the most incredible bingo gaming features that will guarantee you more fun and excitement than you have ever imagined.

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