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BingoFest Hottest Summer Bingo Tourney

bingofest summer bingo tourney

The Hottest Summer Bingo Tourney Is Here! Get the Party Started

It is hot in here! Let’s jump in the pool of exciting bingo games that are going to mark this hot summer season. There are so many exciting features that bingo enthusiasts can explore, and they all come with this Summer Bingo Tourney at BingoFest! The hottest month of this summer is getting even more exciting with the possibility to win some of the biggest cash prizes that are included within this Summer Bingo Tourney.

The season of bingo fun is yours to explore, and if you continue reading through this article, you will find out every juicy detail that you need to know in order to keep things cool this Summer Bingo Tourney season. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know!

A Summer Bingo Tourney Schedule

To properly begin this summer season, thus, explore the most exciting ways to have fun during the Summer Bingo Tourney, you have to know the exact dates when the event is going to take place.

Starting from July 5th until July 25th, bingo enthusiasts can tune in to the hottest summer bingo event that is filled with some of the most exciting party elements.

To get ready for the biggest Summer Bingo Tourney at BingoFest, take all of your cards and visit the Summer Bingo Room where you will get a chance to explore the Multi-Part Guaranteed Games that are set with prizes of $10, $25, and $60, which are going to be played once an hour. All of the cards for the games will only cost $0.35 each, and in addition to all of this, players can explore the promo pack that is Buy 7, Get 3 FREE! Hence, mark your schedule so that you do not miss out on the hottest opportunities for the summer.

The Hottest Bingo Prizes

Alongside the exciting prizes to win, the actual theme of the games perfectly portrays this summer season. Within the Summer Bingo Tourney event, players will be offered a variety of hot prizes for each of the tournaments that are going to happen throughout the end of the tourney.

The top 50 players will get a chance to participate in the Massive $4,500 Weekly Prize Pool event. This grand prize will be split among the best 50 players of the Summer Bingo Tourney event and will receive the following prizes.

This big event will reward up to 50 players throughout the time frame of happening. The important rankings include 1st place $1,800.00 in cash, 2nd place $900.00 Free Play Bonus, 3rd place $450.00 Free Play Bonus, 4th place $230.00 Free Play Bonus, 5th place $120.00 Free Play Bonus, 6th – 10th place $70.00 Free Play Bonus, 11th – 20th place $30.00 Free Play Bonus, 21st – 30th place $15.00 Free Play Bonus, and the 31st – 50th place $10.00 Free Play Bonus.

Within these multi-part games, players will get the chance to score some of the biggest wins that will help them move their ranking up the leaderboard, thus, get closer to the biggest prize of this Summer Bingo Tourney event.

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