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Easter Bingo Tourney at BingoFest

Hop to the Top in BingoFest’s Easter Bingo Tourney

Online Bingo has been gaining more traction by the day, so much so that it’s become a staple in the online gambling world. Naturally, this has brought a few excellent perks that fans of the activity can enjoy. Usually, these come in the form of rewarding bonuses and promotions that make the overall Bingo experience more exciting than what you’d usually encounter. Of course, like everything, this also has a downside.

The supposed con of a market oversaturated with bonuses is the decision-making process. It’s undoubtedly a bit silly, but having too many options to sift through can make it hard to determine which promos are worthwhile and which ones to avoid.

The good news is we’re here to help! We’ve searched high and low to bring the best Bingo promos to your attention, and BingoFest’s Easter Bingo Tourney is one of them.

A Quick Introduction

Bingo tourneys are easily some of the most varied promotions out there. They’re based around different themes, their prizes range drastically, and they often include different gameplay rules. As you can imagine, this makes these events all the more fun! They’re never an exact copy of each other, so players can expect fun surprises with each new event they visit.

The name of BingoFest’s Easter Bingo Tourney gives much away. The tournament is based around the major holiday and includes Easter bunny and Easter egg designs in colorful patterns. One of the best things about this Tourney is it’s a weekly recurring event that lasts all weekend long! It starts at midnight EDT on Fridays and lasts through to 11:59 PM EDT on Sundays.

How it Works

There’s plenty to say about this highly rewarding weekly Bingo Tourney. One of the most important things potential participants are interested in is the games. These include Top of the Hour Multi-Part Guaranteed Games of $17, $34, and $51. As you can imagine, the first part of these games is played on a small pattern, the second moves to appropriately Easter-themed patterns, and the last one is a coverall.

When the prizes are in question, you’ll be happy to learn that a hefty $3,800 prize pool awaits you every week! Of course, the rewards money is divided differently depending on your place on the leaderboard. While there are prizes for the top 40 participants, the number one player is awarded a grand prize of $1,500 in cash!

Noteworthy Terms

Like any good Tourney, BingoFest’s Easter Bingo Tourney has terms & conditions participants need to stick to. The good news is they’re more than reasonable and act as rules to keep the peace. Naturally, this fosters an enjoyable gameplay environment.

While you can check the full list of terms and conditions on the BingoFest website, here are a few of the most important ones players should be aware of. First, you should keep in mind that only the top prize winner will receive a cash reward. All other winners will receive the winning amount as a Free Play Bingo Bonus. You should also note that prizes arrive automatically, so there’s no need to contact Customer Care.

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