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BingoFest’s Springtime Bingo Tourney

Spring Bingo Tourney at BingoFest

Enjoy the Blooming Rewards in BingoFest’s Springtime Bingo Tourney

The world of online Bingo is jam-packed with tons of interesting events to explore. While this might be excellent news for fans of the activity, it can also make it hard to pinpoint the ones best for you. Having so many options means constantly scrolling through various events and comparing which could have the best outcome. Of course, most people are easily fatigued by this.

It’s time to stop worrying too much about this, as we’ve got an excellent recommendation in our corner. One of the best events you can partake in right now is the Springtime Bingo Tourney at BingoFest! Rewards are in full bloom with this event, so grab your tickets and get ready for some unforgettable games.

The Basics of the Springtime Bingo Tourney

As a Bingo enthusiast, you probably already know that not all Bingo events are made the same. There are huge variations that make these games unique, and that applies to this one as well. The Springtime Bingo Tourney at Bingo Fest is, as expected, a spring-themed event consisting of multi-part Guaranteed Games.

The event runs from midnight EDT Fridays through 11:59 PM EDT on Saturday in Bingo Fest’s Seasonal Bingo Room. Something you might want to note is the consistency of the games. All of them are Top of the Hour, running every hour consecutively during the event period! Not to get too swept away in this exciting news, keep in mind the event runs till the end of March.

Some Additional Details About the Event

The Springtime Bingo Tourney is a pretty big event, so it shouldn’t surprise visitors that there are many other details they might want to know about. One of these details is about participation. There’s no need for money at the event, instead, players can take part in the games by obtaining cards beforehand!

You’ll find the cards are pretty cheap. One will cost you only $0.35! Given the prizes of the event reach up to $1,800, this is more than reasonable. We’ve got more good news regarding the event cards. Bingo Fest is offering a complimentary promotion during the event period where players receive three free cards for every seven cards bought! With this promo on your side, your chances of winning are instantly greater.

Springtime Bingo Tourney Terms & Conditions

In the Springtime Bingo Tourney by BingoFest, the top 30 players will be rewarded for their efforts. The grand prize is a whopping $1,800, but the other participants will also be handsomely rewarded. While doing your best to climb to first place, there are a few terms & conditions regarding the event you should keep in mind.

First, the event is only available to active Bingo Fest players who have funded their account at least once in the past seven days. Another big thing to consider is how the prizes are distributed. While the prize for first place is a Cash Prize, the rest will be handed out as Bingo Free Play Bonuses. Like most other bonuses, these are subject to 35x wagering terms. A few others rules apply to this event, so make sure to check the site’s details thoroughly before signing up.

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