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BingoSpirit’s Exciting Bingo Camp Tourney

Bingo Camp Tourney at BingoSpirit

Revel in the Adventure of BingoSpirit’s Exciting Bingo Camp Tourney

We’re just starting to feel the summer buzz with June in full swing, and as always, it means BingoSpirit is out to give players an unforgettable vacation promo! This month, the popular Bingo site has landed on a theme full of fresh air, starry skies, and sing-alongs that no one can resist. Of course, we’re talking about camping!

The Bingo Camp Tourney at BingoSpirit is an exciting event running on Monday and Tuesday every week of June. As you might have guessed, it’s packed with countless games, all of which reflect the nostalgic theme in various ways. You’ll find patterns featuring tents, campfires, camping tools, and, of course, beautiful clear skies with the moon on center stage.

The Basics

Now that you know what to expect with the theme, it’s time to look at some of the other important things to note about the Tourney. It’s best to start with the basics. First, the Camping Bingo Games will play on Multi-Part Staring Games.

Something to note about each part is that the game starts at $25. The patterns of these parts differ from each other. The first plays on a small pattern, the second features a titular camping pattern, and the third is a coverall.

If you want to participate in these exciting challenges, you’ll need to buy a ticket. Thankfully, participation tickets are cheap. Each one is $0.15, with a few special promos around the corner that can snag you more entries if you buy in bulk.

Essentially, you should look for the Buy 7 get 3 Free promotion throughout the event. As the name suggests, users that purchase seven tickets get an additional three free of charge.

The Prizes

Prizes are an essential part of every Tourney. If you’re wondering how they’re distributed in this one, we’ve got good news. The weekly prize pool for the Camp Tourney consists of a whopping $4,100! This amount will divide among the top 40 performers of the week, with the top ranks earning significantly larger rewards than the rest of the participants. As you can probably guess, your ranking on the weekly leaderboard will depend on how well you perform during the games.

The Rules

While we’ve covered most of the crucial details you should remember about the BingoSpirit Camp Tourney, there are a few terms & conditions that might be of interest. The most important thing to note is that only wins during the promo period of Monday from 12:00 AM EDT until 11:59 PM EDT on Tuesday will count towards your ranking.

Another thing to consider is how the prizes are awarded. The first-place prize for weekly winners consists of $1,500 and is a cash reward. Players will be credited their reward automatically after Wednesday ends. The rest of the prizes come in the form of a Free Play Bingo Bonus, which may come with some additional terms.

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