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Sweet Treat With BingoSpirit’s Bingolicious Bingo Tourney

BingoSpirit Bingolicious Bingo Tourney

Enjoy a Sweet Treat With BingoSpirit’s Bingolicious Bingo Tourney

Bingo is easily one of the most popular online games at the moment. Fans of the activity can find a myriad of sites offering fun Bingo rooms, along with more than a few promotional offers with hefty rewards. While this might sound like good news, the countless options can be hard to sift through, effectively making it impossible to choose the best ones.

Thankfully, there’s no need to despair. We’re here to make things easier on you by going through all of these promotions and pointing you to the best of the best! At the moment, one of these offers is the BingoSpirit Bingolicious Bingo Tourney. With this sugar-packed promo on their side, players can make the most of their time spent on online Bingo.

What the Bingolicious Bingo Tourney is About

If you’ve been a part of the online Bingo world for a while now, you know that Tourneys come in all shapes and sizes. They often boast various themes, prizes, and are set to premiere on specific dates. The BingoSpirit Bingolicious Bingo Tourney is no different. As you can tell by the name, this event is inspired by candy, cake, cookies, and all sorts of sweet treats!

The most important things to remember about this event are where and when it runs. You can partake in it on Friday nights at 08:00 PM EDT in the Tourney Room at BingoSpirit. The event itself lasts about four hours, giving players plenty of chances to win until midnight! If you’re up to the challenge, make sure you come prepared.

Additional Details for the Bingolicious Bingo Tourney

The Bingolicious Bingo Tourney might be a recurring event that happens every Friday night, but it’s also a pretty big one. Players can expect some big prizes when joining the Tourney Room, including a hefty $300 cash prize for the Tourney winner! Of course, it’s worth noting that this is just one of many prizes players can get their hands on.

The prize pool for the event consists of a 1,000 cash prize total. This sum is distributed throughout the four hours of gameplay the Bingolicious Bingo Tourney has in store. As a fun little addition, participants can also join a free game at 11:00 PM EDT. This game garners a guaranteed cash prize of $1,000, so make sure you stick around till the end.

Bingolicious Bingo Tourney Terms & Conditions

The BingoSpirit Bingolicious Bingo Tourney comes with many rewards for the best players. Specifically, it has ten prizes in store for the top ten performers of the night! The players that put in the effort and make it to the top places of the leaderboard will get heftier shares of the prize pools, while the remaining few will share what’s left evenly.

There are a few important terms to note about this Tourney. We suggest checking the whole list on the event’s promo page, but just in case, here are two crucial ones to watch. The event is only available to players who have deposited at least once in the last 30 days. Additionally, players can only make it to the top ten list of the event once per month.

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