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Bongo’s Bingo Aims for a Million Tickets

Bongo's Bingo Aims for a Million Tickets

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. Lots of people across the UK enjoy it which is why the bingo halls are full. There’s more than one brand that provides players with bingo fun, and one of them happens to be Bongo’s Bingo.

This is a brand based in Liverpool and has had huge success in the past couple of years. 2022 was a busy year for them and they almost sold a million tickets. This is their goal for 2023 as it’s a milestone they’ve been looking to achieve.

2023 Is Another Busy Year for the Brand

The brand revolutionized the game of bingo by combining it with all sorts of parties. Whether they’re raves, themed parties, or other kinds of events to make them more interesting. The point of each Bongo’s Bingo event is to help people loosen up and enjoy a game of bingo in a thrilling atmosphere like never before.

So far, the brand has hosted parties across the UK including Nottingham, York, Brighton and Swansea. There’s no doubt about the fact that this kind of bingo party is popular in the UK as lots of people have visited them.

The team of Bongo’s Bingo has also hosted bingo parties in Ibiza and Dubai which were pretty successful. Moreover, they are going to try and get into the US in 2023 which is another of the goals they’ve set for themselves. As mentioned before, they’re also looking to sell a million tickets to their events in 2023.

Bongo’s Bingo is a bingo game like no other because it combines bingo and parties. The music depends on the event, but all attendants are welcome to enjoy an exciting bingo game. If they want to, they can take that excitement to the dance floor too.

This kind of bingo is pretty popular across the UK which is why it’s going to have no trouble getting into the States. The bingo variant will also continue to rise in popularity across the UK as the officials behind it are going to work tougher than ever.


Bongo’s Bingo is a popular bingo brand that merges music, bingo and dancing at spectacular events. The brand is looking to go international as well as sell a million tickets in 2023. And they’re going to work hard to make those goals happen.

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