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Bongo’s Bingo Binds Raves and Bingo at Swansea

Bongo's Bingo Binds Rave and Bingo Swansea

Bingo has been fused with different kinds of events over the years. It has been part of charities mostly and has created a fun atmosphere for anyone that likes playing the game.

But have you ever heard of the fusion of bingo and rave parties? Well, Bongo’s Bingo combines both in an event that is to take place in Swansea in December. Bingo fans will have fun with bingo, and rave fans will enjoy a night of amazing music. It sounds unusual, but it’s unusual enough that it might work.

Bingo and Dancing in a Night Club

Bingo is a game and has nothing to do with raves. Sure, you might go online and find a bingo game that has upbeat music to make the atmosphere more interesting. Additionally, there might be a bingo hall that introduces music for the same purpose.

The thing about bingo is that it’s a popular game all across the UK. Swansea has its fair share of bingo halls that are filled with avid bingo fans every night. Bingo is a game for everyone and anyone can play it once they learn the ropes.

But young people like different things nowadays. The club is the place for them. They can enjoy loud music and rave till the morning. That’s why one of the founders of Bongo, Jonny Bongo, decided to merge the two. It will be an event, a night of madness where rave fans will get to dance to all-time hits and bingo players will have their share of fun too. The Fiction Nightclub has been chosen as the location for the event.

As mentioned before, it will accommodate both rave fans and bingo players. The bingo activities will start at 6.30 pm in the afternoon. Players and ravers will need a £15 ticket that also comes with a £3 booking fee. They can take part in the bingo games or rave the night away. Nothing is stopping them from enjoying both kinds of activities.

Bongo’s Bingo has been a hit since it came out. It has been around for 7 years so far and considering its popularity, it will stick around. It seems the combination of bingo and rave is a winning one as it has won lots of people’s hearts in the past couple of years. Swansea is the new destination in the bingo-rave mania.

Bongo’s Bingo is setting new records with its combination of attractions. Bingo players can enjoy a round or two of the games, and those looking for a rave can dance the night away. Naturally, both can take part in the other’s interests and play bingo together or dance.


Bingo has been combined with a variety of events. Although most of them are charitable events, Bongo’s Bingo proves that you can increase the level of fun bingo offers with a rave night. This is an exciting and new way of merging bingo and dancing which is why the event has been successful for such a long time.

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