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Bongo’s Bingo Coming to Edinburgh in March

Bongo’s Bingo Coming to Edinburgh in March

Bingo is an entertaining game for many which is why bingo halls across the UK are filled with bingo enthusiasts regularly. The idea of bingo and fun is already there which is why Bongo’ Bingo is taking it to the next level by combining wild parties with bingo.

The brand has announced an Edinburgh party in March. Scotland has always been a popular destination for the Bongo’s Bingo team which is why they’re excited to go there again. Bingo fans have tickets available for the event, and they know they’re going to have the time of their lives.

The Bingo Rave Experience

Raves have been known for letting people escape the worries of the week. Dancing is another way of doing so which is why discos have been full since their inception. The kind of music played at these establishments may have changed, but they remain popular.

Bingo is a delightfully simple game where players need to pick out a bunch of numbers on a ticket and wait for the numbers to be announced to know if they’ve won a prize or not. Bingo games are quite social and friends and families have been enjoying them throughout the years.

Bongo’s Bingo is a company that merges the 2 which is why it has been successful. Bingo fans that have attended these parties have enjoyed the bingo-rave experience. That same experience is coming to Edinburgh and will be held in The 02 Arena. The event will feature crazy prizes, Karaoke shows, dance-offs as well as some bingo rounds coupled with raves.

In short, bingo fans will get bingo and much more than they bargained for. The officials of the company are looking forward to the event dubbed the Matinee Madness, which will take place in Edinburgh this March. Edinburgh along with Glasgow have been 2 spots in Scotland that the company praises as there are lots of bingo fans that love Bongo’s Bingo events. They as well as many others will come together on Matinee Madness and enjoy the bingo experience that is Bongo’s Bingo.


Bingo has never been the same since Bongo’s Bingo stepped on the scene with the fusion of bingo games and raves. The illustrious company is having an event in Edinburgh this March. Matinee Madness will bring bingo maniacs from all across Scotland to the capital for some bingo, music, dancing and a night they won’t forget.

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