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Bongo’s Bingo Returns to Bournemouth

Bingo's Bingo Returns to Bournemouth

Bingo players are always looking for a fun night out which is why they go for their favorite bingo halls as much as possible. Some of them have opted for a more modern approach which is why they go online and visit a bunch of online bingo sites.

Some people like to party which is why they go to the nearest disco. But some people like both which is why they go to bingo events and parties. Certain charity events make sure to mix the 2 to give attendants an unforgettable experience which is why Bongo’s Bingo has decided to go that way.

Bingo and partying are unified in every Bongo’s Bingo event. Bingo players get to play their favorite game and the rest can just enjoy the party. Some snacks and drinks are optional, but they also contribute to the experience.

The Bournemouth Return

Bongo’s Bingo, the award-winning bingo event, is set to make a return to Bournemouth this spring. The bingo rave will take place at the 02 Academy on April 6th and 14th. Ticket holders can expect a unique and exciting evening that combines traditional bingo elements with modern chaos. The night will be filled with nostalgia-filled revelry, energetic dance rounds, audience participation opportunities, mass karaoke, and exciting prizes. Adding to the fun, special guests Harvey & Romeo from So Solid and DJ Dandaman will be joining the party.

According to Jonny Bongo, the mastermind behind Bongo’s Bingo, he is thrilled to announce the April dates for Bournemouth. He believes that spring is the perfect time to host the event as everyone is getting ready for the summer season. He mentioned that tickets are selling quickly and he is grateful for the support from their customers both in the UK and abroad.

Bongo’s Bingo has big plans for 2023, with more dates and exciting events to come. Additionally, they are working on launching in the USA this year, which promises to be a wild and insane experience. Overall, the return of Bongo’s Bingo to Bournemouth promises to be a night to remember, filled with fun, laughter, and exciting prizes.


Bongo’s Bingo has had a pretty successful year when it comes to 2022, but they’re looking to take that up a notch in 2023. They’re returning to Bournemouth in the spring and they’re looking to sell a million tickets this year, another goal they’ve set for themselves.

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