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Burnley Player Lands £12K Bingo Prize

Burnley Player Lands £12K Bingo Prize

Bingo is one of the most popular games Brits play in their free time. Some brands have taken to make special games for special occasions such as coronations, as well as regular sessions throughout the week.

Buzz Bingo is one of the many popular bingo brands that have several bingo halls across the UK. One of them happens to be in Burnley and it hosts bingo sessions regularly. Recently, the hall had a visitor and he was lucky enough to land a jackpot prize of £12,000. He decided to remain anonymous.

Buzz Bingo Burnley Gets Another Winner

Bingo might be a popular game because it’s pretty simple to understand, and therefore play. Players buy their tickets and pick out numbers randomly. Some go for strategies and implement all sorts of tips and tricks, but the truth of the matter is that numbers are chosen randomly and either you get some or all, or you don’t get them.

The anonymous player happened to be a regular at Buzz Bingo, and that experience might have helped him a bit. But it also might not have had an impact on the outcome of that night. He decide on playing his favorite game and bought a ticket. The numbers he chose were random, and once everyone else had sat down, he joined them for the game.

It seemed unreal at first, but he had gotten several of the numbers right. The game continued and the balls came out and were called out. It seemed like he was the lucky one as he had gotten all of them right. The last number on his ticket remained uncalled and the last number had landed. The numbers were a match and the player was the lucky recipient of a £12,000 prize. The 40-year-old player decided to remain anonymous after getting his prize. He was cheered on by everyone around him.

Buzz Bingo Burnley got another bingo winner. The man decided to celebrate his upcoming birthday, and with such a win it’s no surprise he’s going to celebrate. Either way, he proves bingo is a fun game to play.


A local man from Burnley played bingo at Bingo Buzz regularly and recently he was lucky enough to pick the right numbers and land an amazing jackpot prize of £12,000. He decided on celebrating his upcoming birthday and stay anonymous. Either way, he’s a bingo legend.

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