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Buzz Bingo Generous Hanley Player Shares Prize

bingo winners share prize

Buzz Bingo Hanley Player Shares Prize With Contestants on National Bingo Day

Recently, bingo players all over the world celebrate the national bingo day in the best way possible – by playing bingo. This was also the case with the people at Buzz Bingo Hanley. The bingo hall was filled with contestants that day and they were in for a surprise.

They bought their tickets and picked their numbers. All that was left to do is for them to see if they picked the right ones. One of them did and as the numbers kept coming the player kept marking them and in the end got a prize. But he didn’t get it all.

Instead, the player split the prize with the other contestants.

Bingo Day Is Quite the Day

If you don’t play bingo on National Bingo Day, then you’re considered not really a bingo fan by many. That’s why a lot of Hanley residents decided to pop up for a glorious game of bingo at the Buzz Bingo Hall. It was time for celebration, and celebrate they did.

The tickets were coming in and the contestants kept buying them. Then they took their seats and the game began. The numbers started coming, one after the other, and they were met with excitement or scoffs. But one contestant was extremely lucky because the player got had gotten them in a row.

So far, things were looking good and it was time for the final number. The last number hit and it was the match the player was looking for. The £50,000 prize was the player’s, but the player went an entirely different route.

In other words, the player didn’t go for bingo but yelled house instead. All the contestants got the prize because of this action. The £50,000 prize was split and everyone walked away with £1,500. The player acted in true team spirit and split the prize with every other player.

The bingo spirit had entered the player and that’s why the player decided to go for such a move. It was National Bingo Day after all. The player could have kept the prize, but instead, the player opted for every bingo fan to walk out richer and with a smile on their faces.


Bingo is a fun game especially when someone wins a prize. National Bingo Day is a day of celebration for a lot of bingo fans and in true bingo fashion, the winning contestant of Buzz Bingo Henley shared the prize with others. The spirit of bingo lives on thanks to that player and the action the player took.

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