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Canadian Dollar Bingo Big 150K Anniversary Party

Canadian Dollar Bingo Big 150K Anniversary

It’s Canadian Dollar Bingo Big $150,000 Anniversary – Join in the Party!

Can you believe that Canadian Dollar Bingo is turning 16 years? Well, time is definitely going fast, and Canadian Dollar Bingo has managed to expand its reach and become one of the leading online bingo websites that are taking over the entertainment world. Filled with a number of different bingo games that players can enjoy, CanadianDollar Bingo is building its legacy as they offer quite variant gaming possibilities filled with generous prizes.

Taking their anniversary into consideration, Canadian Dollar Bingo is hosting one of the most exciting $150,000 bingo events in order to celebrate the whooping 16 years of successful existence. So, join in the biggest party of the season and you will get a chance to win big. Continue reading to find all about the Canadian Dollar Bingo Anniversary celebration!

When Is the Party Starting?

Starting this November, the 16th-year anniversary celebration at Canadian Dollar Bingo is starting. There are so many exciting elements that you will need to know regarding the biggest celebratory event that will last the whole month.

Among the variety of different prizes, they are giving away $150,000 in Cash Jackpots, as well as over $5,000 in Extra Prizes with the beginning of their 16th year anniversary celebration.

Having had the chance to operate the online entertainment world for quite some time now, Canadian Dollar Bingo wants to show gratitude to their big bingo community by throwing the biggest party of the season.

The invitations are all out and players from all over the world are more than welcome to join in the party. Mark the whole month of November because every day is a chance for you to join in the biggest anniversary bingo event.

All you need to do here is hop on the website and find the Main Anniversary Room. There are promotional games that are available at the very beginning of each week’s contest. Here, the pricing range varies from 25c to $1. In addition to all of this, there is a number of exciting jackpots, as well as a special deal that will give you the chance to purchase 30 cards and get 5 for free.

How to Participate in this Canadian Dollar Bingo Anniversary Event?

The participation process is rather simple. All you need to do is join in the Main Room, place your deposit, play and bingo on any of the promotion games available for the day.

For every promotion game win, you will get 3 points into the weekly contest. For every $5 that you wager within the promotion games, you will get 1 point into the weekly contest. And finally, for each deposit that you make within the weekly contest, you will get 5 points into the ranking.

The weekly Canadian Dollar Anniversary event winners are selected at random, or by the top 5 players depending on the contest week. This implies the fact that all participants get equal chances of winning big cash prizes.

Explore all of the 16th Anniversary event details at Canadian Dollar Bingo so that you can grab some of the weekly grand prizes.

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