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Charity Bingo Event for Cure CJD Campaign

CJD Campaign Bingo Charity Event 2022

Charities and bingo go hand in hand. Bingo halls and other venues are filled to the brim when charity events take place because bingo is a fun game. A good cause will rally good people, and if bingo is available, then they will come running.

A charity is to take place in Wisbech, it’s a bingo charity and it aims to raise funds for the staff at the Alan Hudson Day Treatment Center and the CJD Campaign which is helping battle a rare disease. The Brown family is responsible for the fundraiser.

In Honor of a Fallen Mother

The Browns lost their mother to CJD or Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease which is a rare disease that needs to be researched. They decided to throw a fundraiser in her honor to help research the disease and finance the staff at the treatment center.

As mentioned before, the disease is not a common one which is why it needs funding. Once the proper funding is collected then people can make some progress and eventually find a cure or a treatment that will help those diagnosed with it.

The charity event is a bingo night Kealeigh and her brother Craig are responsible for the event. There will be a nice bingo game as well as a raffle and a tombola. In other words, the family will do its best to provide the attendants with some fun.

Bingo is always a good choice because the majority love bingo. Bingo halls across the UK host bingo events regularly and they get quite the attention. That’s why a bingo game is a good choice for any charity event.

People will get to have fun with a game they know and will even win some prizes. Naturally, they’ll get to raise money for a good cause and will help in the research for CJD. People that are looking to attend will need to buy tickets and the money from those tickets will go to the research and the staff at the treatment center. In short, it’s a night of bingo and a charity night as well.


The Brown family is responsible for a charity event that will help people diagnosed with CJD get closer to solving the problem. Moreover, the bingo event will also help staff at treatment centers deal with the disease. In conclusion, another example of how bingo can help a good cause.

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