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Chocolate Bingo to Be Held in Benson

Chocolate Bingo to be held in Benson

Chocolate is a favorite food of many people. Adults of all ages enjoy munching on chocolate bars and cakes whenever they have a chance. Chocolate is popular across the world, the UK included. But bingo is also popular across the UK too.

That’s why the scouts in Benson have decided on an unusual union. In other words, they’re going to unify bingo and chocolate for one night. A chocolate bingo night is available in Benson and it will have bingo and chocolate to offer. Fun is guaranteed when having these 2 matched.

Chocolate and Bingo Go Hand in Hand

Bingo is a fun game when you’re playing it with friends. Fun is to be had when you go out for a bingo night with family too, which shows you that bingo is for everyone. That’s why bingo halls all across the UK are full of people looking to enjoy themselves.

There are various prizes and the luckiest of them all gets the top prize. But the thrilling atmosphere is the cherished prize that everyone involved goes for. That’s why people go for bingo when it comes to organizing a charity event.

The same can be said for the Benson scouts as they have merged chocolate and bingo to help themselves. They’re looking for donations from anyone willing to help as they need a new hut extension. That’s the reason behind the Chocolate Bingo event.

Anyone can come to the night and buy a ticket separately. Since it’s a Chocolate Bingo event, participants will get some chocolate prizes as well as other kinds of snacks to keep them energized for the main event which is a bingo game. A raffle will also be available.

Naturally, the bingo event will have prizes for the best players among the attendants. Think of it as a classic bingo night, and add a bit of chocolate to it. The fund will go to the Benson Scouts so they can build their new hut extension.

The event is a fundraiser for a good cause, and the community of Benson will likely reach out to such a call. The community is there to help itself which is why it’s going to continue organizing similar events in the future. So, bingo is pretty much always connected to a good cause when it’s played at a fundraiser, so you can be sure to see more such events.

Bingo night can be fun, and when they’re held for a good cause. The community always takes care of itself which is why they are going to support their local scouts whenever they hold a fundraiser with bingo and chocolate. More such events will get more people.


Bingo and fundraisers go hand in hand, and thanks to the Benson scouts, chocolate and bingo go pretty swell too. Bingo is a fun game and when you have a good cause, lots of bingo fans are bound to turn up. With the promise of chocolate, there’s hardly a person that wouldn’t.

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