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Clacton Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

Clacton Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

Bingo is a fun game when you win a prize. It’s also fun to play when you don’t win anything at all. It’s fun when you play it online, or when you enjoy it in a bingo hall. And there are lots of bingo halls and brands across the UK.

Buzz Bingo happens to be one of them and it recently got a winner at the Clacton bingo hall. The lucky winner landed a £50,000 jackpot prize. Kelly Williams thought she had landed a respectable £100 prize but was gobsmacked when she learned how lucky she got.

An Unexpected Win, but a Welcome One

Nobody expects to land a jackpot, but when they do it’s pretty amazing. That’s why Kelly was so excited to win one. She was traveling with her caravan to various places on the seaside and decided to stop in Clacton. While she was there, she went to the bingo hall and decided on a game.

Bingo halls are pretty popular in the UK, and Clacton consequently. Bingo fans can get together regardless of whether they’re family, friends, or total strangers. Bingo unifies them with the goal of having a good time.

She bought her ticket and she sat down with the rest of the people. The game had begun and the numbers started rolling in. To Kelly’s surprise, she managed to get them all right and when she stamped them out she was the one yelling “House”.

Bingo halls don’t usually give out big prizes, at least in Kelly’s opinion, which is why she was looking to get a modest prize of £100. When she went to get her prize she was told that she was the lucky winner of a £50,000 jackpot prize. She was so surprised she couldn’t speak.

Kelly decided to take a picture with the employees and decided on a way of spending her money. In other words, Kelly is going to help her parents get some new windows for their home and treat her family. All in all, she’s another lucky bingo player that managed to snag a jackpot.


Kelly Williams is a lucky bingo player that landed a £50,000 jackpot prize at Buzz Bingo Clacton. She bought a ticket, picked the right numbers, and is a richer woman because of it. She and her family are going to celebrate the win, as she decided on treating them.

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