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Colchester Bingo Charity Raises Over £1K

Colchester Bingo Charity Raises Over £1K

Bingo is a wonderful game that makes friends of strangers. Even if you don’t win anything, you’ll get the chance to have some fun with other bingo fans. This is why bingo is a frequent game at charity events.

One such event took place in Colchester recently, and the game and the charity event were meant to raise money for breast cancer awareness. The Breast Friends organization together with the Palmer and Partners 500 Club organized the bingo night and managed to raise over £1,000.

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Breast cancer is a serious illness that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. As soon as it’s diagnosed, this cancer must be treated for the patient to survive. Some patients don’t have the funds necessary for these treatments which is why they turn to organizations such as Breast Friends.

The founders of the organizations, Caroline Sturman and Janine Aldiswas, were diagnosed with breast cancer and managed to beat it. Now, with their organization, they’re raising funds for those in need, taking cancer heads on one fundraiser event at a time. Their most recent one was held in Colchester.

Together with the like-minded individuals of Palmer and Partners 500, they hosted a boozy bingo night. The community loves bingo which is why they were looking forward to an opportunity to enjoy a game or two and help those in need.

The Colchester bingo event turned out to be a success as with the help of the community over £1,000 were raised. The founders of the Breast Friends organizations were surprised by the turn up of the event and thanked everyone that came. The funds will be given to a woman that’s currently battling breast cancer.

The participants got to enjoy a fun night out with friends and family and made new friends along the way by playing some bingo and helping those in need. Thanks to the Colchester boozy bingo event, Breast Friends will have the funds to help another soul in the battle against breast cancer.


Breast Friends held a bingo fundraising event at Colchester to help a patient with breast cancer. This non-profit organization organized a boozy bingo event for the community, in collaboration with Palmer and Partners 500, and successfully raised over £1,000. The organization will continue throwing such events to help other souls.

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