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Colchester Buzz Bingo Member Upset by Lifetime Ban

Colchester Buzz Bingo Member Upset by Lifetime Ban

An avid bingo player from Colchester, Maureen Potticary, is experiencing profound distress after her membership at Buzz Bingo was revoked. Initially suspended for a year, the suspension was escalated to a lifetime ban after she dared to question the decision.

Passionate Membership and Unfortunate Circumstances

Maureen had been an enthusiastic member of Buzz Bingo in Osborne Street for over five years, willingly spending £100 per month for the privilege. For her, bingo was not just a game but a way to socialize and connect with friends, sometimes spending up to ten hours a day at the venue.

During a visit on June 16, Maureen made the rare choice to have a couple of alcoholic drinks, which she attributes to a deviation from her usual routine and her intake of medication for PTSD. Unfortunately, this led to her feeling intoxicated and would have significant consequences.

A Ban That Deepens the Upset

A few days later, Maureen received a letter notifying her of a one-year ban from Buzz Bingo due to alleged inappropriate behavior toward staff members. Refusing to accept the accusation, she voiced her concerns. However, her attempt to address the issue backfired when she received a subsequent letter indefinitely closing her account, accompanied by Buzz Bingo’s determination to prevent her from creating a new one in the future.

Maureen strongly asserts her innocence, expressing remorse for her intoxicated state and emphasizing her desire to return to the beloved environment she cherishes. Nevertheless, Buzz Bingo remains steadfast in their decision, claiming it was the correct course of action in accordance with their protocols and club rules.

The Uncertain Future and Resilience

Despite Maureen’s heartfelt plea for reconciliation and the resumption of her cherished pastime, Buzz Bingo stands firm in upholding the lifetime ban. The future remains uncertain for this dedicated bingo player as she grapples with the loss of a treasured community.

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