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The Courtyard to Host Worcester Bingo Events

The Courtyard to Host Worcester Bingo Events

When you go to a pub you expect nothing less than the usual. A pint or two, some snacks, and a fun night out with friends or a date. But a pub known as the Courtyard has something else in mind.

In other words, this Worcester pub is going to host bingo events. They are known as Booz’d Up Bingo events and they will come with lovely bingo games and prizes to keep visitors entertained. A pub is already a busy place which means that it will get even busier with all the bingo events coming up.

Bingo Events Will Come With Various Themes

Pubs are already popular places as they get the attention of lots of people. Bingo is a popular game all across the UK, Worcester included. So, why not fuse the 2 and offer the people something new? This is the idea that is going to be put to the test in the Courtyard, a popular bar on St. Nichols Street. The regulars there are in for a surprise with so many bingo events planned. The top prize in each one is £500 which is another motivation to visit the pub and buy a ticket.

The tickets can be bought inside or online. Either way, anyone looking to visit will have a fun time as the events will come one after the other and they will have different themes. So, some will be based on The Greatest Showman while others will be inspired by a beach party and another event will take them back to the 80s. They will also have a variety of hosts and people attending them are also encouraged to dress up in fancy dresses. The best dress will get a prize too besides the house jackpot prize.

The bingo game will be a regular one which means players will be able to buy tickets and fill them with various numbers. Once they’ve got the numbers down on the tickets the game can start and the numbers on the balls will come rolling in.

The right numbers will give you access to the prize which is why there’s a nice jackpot prize of £500. The lucky winner will be the person that gets the jackpot numbers right. All this is available in The Courtyard in Worcester. So a night of bingo will be even more fun with snacks, drinks, and friends in fancy dresses.

The merging of 2 popular things tends to gain popularity which is why it’s possible that the bingo events in a pub will get a lot of attention. The different themes will keep things fresh which is why these events will be quite the thing in Worcester.


Bingo is a fun game and it’s best enjoyed with friends. A pub is a nice place to meet with friends too so by merging both Worcester will be home to the first bingo-pub union. People will get to have some fun with bingo and have a shot at a jackpot prize.

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