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Coventry Gets Bingo Lingo Attraction

Coventry Gets Bingo Lingo Attraction

Bingo is a fun pastime for many people in the UK. It’s frequently a part of many charity events, but it’s been known to be mixed with dancing, singing, and a variety of other things to make for spectacular events.

Bingo Lingo is one such event and it will be coming to Coventry in late January. The event will take place in the Rialto Plaza and will be happening again in February and March. It’s going to give bingo fans a bingo game like never before as it will have loads of fun activities.

Bingo Like Never Before

Dancing, singing, and raving can all be pretty fun which is why clubs across the world offer such activities. Bingo is a traditional game that can be fun which is why the minds behind Bingo Lingo have decided to merge them into a single event.

In other words, Bingo Lingo is an event that has something for everyone. Bingo players can go for a bingo game will prizes and raffles, while anyone looking to party will get the night of their lives as there will be dance-offs, sing-offs as well as raves throughout the night at this event.

Bingo is all about having some fun with friends, family, or complete strangers in a bingo hall. You can also play bingo online or go experience something completely different like Bingo Lingo. It’s taking bingo and giving it more fun if you’re looking to try something else.

You might be looking for such an experience which is why Bingo Lingo will be in Coventry this January, February, and March. Regardless if you’re going solo, with your partner, family, or friends, you’re bound to have a good time as Bingo Lingo has been pretty successful in Ibiza, London, and Bristol.

When visiting Rialto Plaza for some Bingo Lingo fun then you’ll get the full package. Expect some wacky decorations, dancing, singing, and a bingo game with big prizes. In other words, Bingo Lingo is here to give you an alternative bingo experience, one you’ll be remembering for the rest of your life.


Bingo Lingo is taking a classic game like bingo and turning it into so much more. With dancing, raves and singing, wacky decorations, big prizes, and a lot of smiling faces Bingo Lingo will show you just how different and amazing bingo can be in Coventry’s Rialto Plaza in January, February and March.

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