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Cowdenbeath's Plan to Revitalize Local Bingo Hall

Cowdenbeaths Plan to Revitalize Local Bingo Hall Makeover

After over 20 years as the manager of Premier Bingo on High Street, Cowdenbeath, Thomas Wilson is poised to reopen the bingo hall following its sudden closure due to the company’s administration. Wilson, determined to breathe new life into the venue, has secured the lease and has even initiated an online fundraiser, garnering substantial support from the community.

Community Support and Detailed Plans in the Works

Thomas Wilson, who managed the bingo hall for a quarter of a century, expressed his commitment to his loyal customers. Through social media, he revealed his intention to revive the beloved establishment and has already received generous contributions through the fundraiser. Wilson plans to share more comprehensive plans with the Cowdenbeath Bingo Club community on Facebook in the near future.

“I used to be the manager for the last 25 years, and I am using all my resources to do this for the customers,” he explained. “The bingo is much more than a gambling establishment; it is a family. Me and all the staff have all been here long-term. Some of the girls have been there 20 to 30 years. We know everybody, and that is who I am doing it for. I am doing it for the customers and the fantastic team of staff I had.”

Legalities and a Bright Future

While the reopening of the bingo hall is imminent, there are legalities to address before the grand reopening. In the interim, club bingo may be on offer until the necessary licenses are obtained. Wilson assured the community that the bingo hall would be back in action, though not necessarily on a daily basis, until all regulatory requirements are met.

The closure of the Cowdenbeath bingo hall in August coincided with the shutdown of Premier Bingo establishments in Alloa and Perth.

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