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CyberBingo 15K Fantasy Bingo Tourney

cyber bingo fantasy tourney

The Fantasy Bingo Tourney and Its Enchanting $15,000.00 Guaranteed Prizes

Once upon a time, there was a big cash prize that was waiting for its owner. The magical story begins now as the Fantasy Bingo Tourney is one of the most enchanting events that are currently taking place. You can simply join in the excitement and experience your charming story with this CyberBingo Fantasy Bingo Tourney that hides a whopping $15,000.00 guaranteed prize. If you are ready for your next adventure, this is the starting place that you have been looking for.

The perfect combination for the most magical story includes magic, fun, excitement, adventure, and of course, big cash prizes. If you want to live your own fairytale, then continue reading to find out more.

The Fantasy Bingo Tourney and Its Important Dates

To be ready for the magical story to begin, you should know that the Fantasy Bingo Tourney happens every Saturday night in July from 8:00 pm EDT until 11:59 pm EDT. Here, you can tune in at CyberBingo to jump through the looking glass and enter the most magical world that will turn your evening into the most exciting fairytale of your life.

The Fantasy Bingo Tourney and Its Cash Prizes

Every story has a happily ever after, and you can simply approach yours and get the possibility to win the most magical $15,000.00 prize in cash. However, before you get there, you will get a chance to explore the most impressive gaming concept that is full of some of the key elements that every magical fairytale has.

Here, we are talking about the quest that you will take, thus explore the fantasy world and encounter Dragons, Unicorns, and all of the additional fantasy creatures that will make the story even more exciting. All of this is of great significance because if you can win the most games during your quest, which is also known as the Fantasy Bingo Tourney, you will get a chance to qualify to become the Tourney winner of a rather impressive $300.00 in cash.

The Fantasy Bingo Tourney Prizes Explained

Throughout your magical journey, you will get a chance to explore some of the most exciting rewards that are part of this Fantasy Bingo Tourney where the top 10 players every week will get a chance to explore their chance to win the most fantastic cash prizes.

The corresponding weekly ranking begins from the 10th to 6th place where the prize is a $50.00 free play bonus. The 5th place has a corresponding prize of $75.00 cash. The 4th place is $100.00 cash. If you rank 3rd player of the week you will get $125.00 cash. The 2nd place wins $150.00 cash. And finally, if you have ranked as the best player of the week and you at 1st place you will win $300.00 cash.

Important Things to Remember

When it comes to exploring all of the possibilities that the Fantasy Bingo Tourney has to offer, make sure that you tune in every Saturday night to get more opportunities that will result in winning the big jackpots and all of the fantastic prizes that will follow.

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