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CyberBingo Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary Tourney

Cyberbingo 25 years bingo tourney

CyberBingo Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary! – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Reaching a huge milestone is something that deserves a proper celebration, especially when that milestone is marking 25 years of existence of the most popular CyberBingo. There are so many things to expect from this celebration and you will get a chance to explore some of the most exciting online bingo games that will bring you the biggest prizes.

Here, in today’s article, we are going to explore all of the details that you will need to know about the biggest celebration of the online bingo world. So, let’s get ready to attend CyberBingo’s 25 years celebration!

Many Cash Prizes and Other Rewards at CyberBingo

Marking their anniversary is one of the most exciting events that CyberBingo is proud to celebrate. They have managed to organize one of the greatest bingo months of the season, as they have scheduled the 25 years of BINGO tourney celebration for the entire month of August.

Starting from the 1st of the month until the very last day of August, players can join in the celebration and explore all of the gaming possibilities that are created to reward their loyalty.

Organizing such an event allows players to explore all of the possibilities to make big winnings every possible day of the whole month. Besides winning big prizes, players will get a chance to enjoy some of the most exciting and entertaining bingo games that perfectly depict this celebratory event.

How to Join In the Celebration?

If you have been interested in finding out how you can join in this celebratory tourney, then you should go to the Anniversary BINGO Room at CyberBingo. Here you will get a chance to explore the Top of the Hour games that will be running every possible minute of the day. All of the games at this segment are going to be multi-part guaranteed games, which consist of $25/$25/$25.

To explore this multi-part scheme, the first part of the game is going to be played on a small pattern, which only explores a tourney 4 corners game.

The second part of this segment is going to be played on the Anniversary patterns. Finally, the third and last part is going to be a coverall. The cost of each of these games is the same, meaning it is only $0.35 for a card.

Important Rankings and Prizes

Within the 25-year celebration tourney, players will get a chance to compete for 50 places, which hold a variety of different prizes. The winner that ranks in 1st place within the tourney will receive a $250.00 cash prize.

In addition to all of this, CyberBingo offers a card promotion that allows players to use the offer of Buy 7 Get 3 Free. This will allow you to purchase the playing cards in bulk, which eventually will give you even more chances to win.

Within this segment, there is a Prize Pool feature that holds $1,020 in cash. This sum is going to be split across the top 50 players in the 25-year anniversary tourney. Within all of this, there is an added bonus feature where players can reach “One to Go”, meaning you will be able to get 500 BINGO points instead of the regular 250 points.

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