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CyberBingo 66 Bingo Tourney June 2021

Route 66 Bingo Tourney

Join CyberBingo in their Route 66 Bingo Tourney!

Are you ready for the ultimate journey of this bingo season? Exploring this exciting event that lasts throughout the month of June, you will get a chance to become a part of the most popular summer route. Here, we are going to deal with the Route 66 Bingo Tourney that is going to be happening over at CyberBingo. Within this exciting happening, you will get a chance to explore some of the most impressive bonuses that are a crucial part of this tourney. Just join in the fun to establish the chance to get your fair share of the impressive bonuses and exciting winning prizes that are part of this summer promo.

Approach this big CyberBingo event and get a chance to learn all about the significant details that you will need to explore every detail of the Route 66 Bingo Tourney event. So, let’s get right into it.

Explore the Fun with Route 66 Bingo Tourney

The possibility to win $2,500.00 cash is now ready for you to explore. This is the summer season of the most exciting bingo games that are currently scheduled to happen, and one of them is definitely this Route 66 Bingo Tourney one. Throughout this month of June, players will get a chance to explore this weekly tournament and head over to the Spring Bingo Room each Monday of this month.

The starting point of this Route 66 Bingo Tourney event is on Monday, June 7th. This means that each scheduled event will run from 12:00 am EDT on Monday through 11:59 pm EDT on Sunday. Each of the participants that will get a chance to win will be announced on the following Monday. Within the course of this event, there are going to be rewarded a total of top 60 players, so maybe you will get a chance to be one of the lucky ones.

If you are a fan of any type of traveling experience, this is the perfect bingo event for you. This Bingo Tourney will help you explore the most impressive traveling-themed bingo games, thus enjoy the most exciting winning possibilities. The top prize of this Route 66 Bingo Tourney event is $2,500.00 in cash, which is available to take a hold of each week. The rest of the players will be getting their prizes as Free Play Bonuses.

Important Bingo Event Features You Should Know

When you tune in for the Top of the Hour game that starts on Monday, you will be able to get in and join the Route 66 Bingo Tourney and play to win the grand bingo prize. All of the games that are being played at these exciting events are Guaranteed Multi-part games $10/$25/$50, where the first part is played on small patterns. The second part is on the traveling pattern and the third one is on a coverall. Each of the cards is just $0.35 each with a Buy 10, Get 3 FREE promotion available.

In addition to all of this, only wins from Route 66 Bingo Tourney Guaranteed multi-part games will be able to qualify towards the Weekly tournament winning.

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