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Edinburgh Woman Robbed of Bingo Winnings ⋆ Top 50 Online Bingo Sites

woman robbed of winnings

Winning at bingo can be a joyous occasion for the winners and other participants at the bingo hall. All that’s left is to take the winnings and spend them as you wish. But winning at bingo attracts the attention of a lot of people. This includes thieves.

Ann Gibson and her friend were just about to head out from a bingo hall that Ann managed to win at. She was just about to leave in her car but was robbed of her bingo wins that were sitting in her purse. They reported the incident to the police, but it would take some time before they can find the suspects.

A Stealing Arm

Old people and bingo go hand in hand. You’ll see them in bingo halls looking to enjoy a nice bingo game. Ann was one of them and so was her friend. Both of them would come together at the bingo hall. Ann would pick her up and they would visit the nearest bingo hall.

She and Liz went on just such an adventure that day. Buzz Bingo was their favorite spot so they went for a visit. To Ann’s surprise, she managed to hit the right numbers on the ticket and win £315. After a successful bingo adventure, they decided to go home. Ann would take Liz home because Liz uses a walker with wheels.

Both were putting their things in her car and Ann left her handbag in the back seat with the door still open. As soon as they parked, another car parked right next to them. A person had their hand extended and took her bag. The person managed to get into the other car they drove away.

Both ladies rushed to the nearest police station and reported the incident. She got her handbag stolen so she also got some personal items stolen. Ann and Liz used to be regulars, but after this incident, they decided not to play bingo again.

Ann also stated that it might be better for the bingo hall to transfer the winnings to credit cards instead of handing out cash as it isn’t safe. The incident illustrates her point.
Bingo winners are potential targets for any thieves and if they’re old people then they’re just easy prey. Crooks are always looking to score and the easier the target is, the more likely they will go for it. There’s still no sign of the suspects and the police continue their investigation.

As a bingo winner, you need to be careful. This means taking care of your winnings after you’ve got them. In addition to this, bingo halls might consider transferring wins to credit cards or directly to the player’s account as online bingo sites do. This saves a lot of hassle but remains just a suggestion.


Bingo winners and especially elderly bingo winners should be careful when handling their winnings. Extra precautions are necessary otherwise you’ll be left without your winnings just like what happened to Ann and Liz. In short, be careful with bingo wins.

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