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Everton FC and Bongo’s Bingo Host Christmas Event

Everton FC and Bongo's Bingo Host Christmas Event

Bingo is a social game played at many events. It’s popular across the UK as there are lots of people enjoying it at bingo halls. Liverpool is a city with lots of bingo lovers.

Bongo’s Bingo is a popular bingo brand and it has bingo halls across Liverpool and the UK in turn. The brand has teamed up with Everton FC to host a Christmas bingo event in December. It will have bingo, music, and lots of happy bingo fans enjoying a night out. In other words, it will be a blast.

Football and Bingo Together

Football is a sport that many people enjoy in the UK, and Everton FC is one of the most popular teams. It has produced amazing football players throughout the years. It has been keeping its fans happy with its performance which is why the officials behind it have decided to ally themselves with a popular bingo brand and create a Christmas event like never before.

Bongo’s Bingo has been doing pretty well across the UK as it combines music with bingo. In other words, this is a bingo brand that likes to offer a variety of things to visitors which is why players can enjoy bingo games, music, snacks, and drinks at their events which is why they come back for the next party.

Liverpool is the place where the event will take place and it’s an event for people that are 18 and up. It will feature a variety of bingo games with some cash prizes as well as prizes given by Everton FC. The latter are quite unique and are available because the football club decided to throw in something extra.

Besides the bingo games and prizes, attendees will be able to enjoy raves as well as dance-offs and the company of some special guests, courtesy of Everton FC. This event will take place later in December and anyone looking to attend can buy tickets online.

A fun night out filled with bingo games, music, and dancing as well as the company of special guests from Everton FC. Bingo and football may seem like a strange matches, but both of them are fun and together make for a fun night at any kind of event.

The people attending the event can have some fun with the bingo games. Alternatively, they can dance the night away at the raves. Bingo’s Bongo has events across many countries which is why this next one is also going to be a hit. Together with Everton FC, Bongo’s Bingo will host a lovely event this December in Liverpool. So all bingo and football fans can visit Liverpool for a fun night out.


Football and bingo may seem like a strange combination but Bingo’s Bongo seems to make it work every time. The same goes for adding music into the mix and making an event out of it. Everton FC and the popular bingo brand have gotten together to provide a Christmas event in Liverpool.

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