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Family Rave Bingo Charity in Desborough

Family Rave Bingo Charity in Desborough

Bingo and charity have gone hand in hand and have helped lots of people get the help they need. Bingo is a fun game that people across the UK have been playing for some time which is why they go together with charity events.

The Desborough United Reformed Church Hall is going to be the place for a bingo charity event that’s also going to include a rave. Bingo games coupled with prizes, snacks, and drinks, as well as a dance or two, is aimed at helping the Cransley Hospice Trust.

A Bingo Charity Event for Cransley Hospice Trust

When people hold charity events they go for activities that people enjoy. That’s why dancing and other forms of fun are picked out. The goal of such an event is to have people over and make it an enjoyable experience.

The amount of money they donate is different for each individual. The aim of a charity event is for the funds to get to the people that need them. In this case, that turns out to be the people at the Cransley Hospice Trust. Bingo has been chosen as the fun game they can play during the event.

The thing about bingo is that it’s a simple game. You only need a ticket, and a dabber and you’re set. If you land a row on the ticket you’ll get a prize. Going for two rows will get you a bigger prize and if you land them all right then you’ll get the top prize.

The Family Rave bingo event in Desborough is going to have a bingo game with a variety of prizes. Those looking to take part in this charity event will need to buy their tickets. A DJ will also be available as the event will be hosting a rave, but a family rave. Drinks and snacks will also be available to take the event to the next level. The bingo rave event is the right mix of bingo, music, and atmosphere which is why the Cransley Hospice Trust will have the funding they need.


Desborough will have a family bingo rave event that combines music and bingo for the purposes of charity for the Cransley Hospice Trust. The event will have a bingo game, some snacks, drinks as well as the right DJ to get the people moving. You can go for bingo or head straight to the dancefloor, either way, you’ll have some fun.

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