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Feel Good Friday at Bet365 Bingo With $£50,000 In Prizes


Grab the ‘Fun’ with ‘Fantastic’ offers at Bet365 Bingo every Friday and win ’Fabulous’ prizes. The magical ‘F’ word here is: Feel Good Friday. Go with a spirit that fears nothing. With an incredible £50,000 to be won in the Guilty Pleasures room. Friday Fun is on way from 18 hrs UK time till moony midnight. The workweek can never end better than this. So party hard and win harder. 1 &2TTG and Last Chance Salon can shower you with rewards up to £2,000 with a mere ticket of 10p. Even better, is the Bingo Linx game for £5,000 starting at 22:30 tonight.


Don’t want to restrict the fun to Fridays? No worries. Bet365 Bingo promises much more. For more proficient Players, big-money games are on the run. ‘£50,000 Super Voyage’ is one of their life-changing offers. Pack your bags and get ready to be on-board on the 7th of September at 18:00 U.K. time in the ‘Super Star Bonanza’ room. You can either play with free tickets for peanuts or pay only 5p for bigger rewards.

Feeling Lazy? Explore the city right from your cozy bed today on the 5th of September with ‘£20,000 Big Night Out’ promotion at Bet365 Bingo. Find your lucky angel today from 18:00 until 23:52 UK time in ‘A night on the town’ room with 75 Ball Bingo. Not only this, games like BOGOF, 1TG, 2TG, and Last Chance are the thrills of the night, with tickets starting from 5p.

Exhausted with work, take a break. Enjoy the mid-week bonanza with ‘£20,000 Winning Wednesday’. Don’t miss out on the chance to reach the podium with a cosmic range of games every Wednesday. Join the patrons in the ‘Guilty Pleasures’ room at 19:00 U.K. time for a fabulous win. With their ‘Showpiece Bingo Linx’ game with prizes varying from £200 up to £4,000.

Apart from the welcome bonus, Bet365 Bingo also favors its players with more free chances to play with ‘Super Free Bingo’. A player is given an option to either buy a ticket or play for free, but in both cases, rewards vary. Enjoy this hour at 13:00 UK time today in the ‘Super Star Bonanza’ room. You can also play for two hours from 19:00 to 21:00 UK time, any day of the week.

If you are trying your charming luck for the first time then you need an initial registration with Bet365 Bingo to get a £10 free play on sign up. You can kick start your voyages in the ‘Kiss & Tell’ room at 19:30 UK time, the day after you are registered. Bet365 Bingo has many such enticements to offer which can increase your winnings many folds.