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Florida Chamber of Commerce Hosts Bingo Charity

Florida Chamber of Commerce Hosts Bingo Charity

You’ve probably seen lots of bingo charity events, and you might have even visited one or two. Bingo is a fun game and it’s popular across the US. That’s why you’ll see this game at many bingo charity events.

The most recent one happened in Florida. The Greater Pasco Chamber of Commerce has been hosting a lot of events to help the community, and the most recent one happened to be a bingo event. These kinds of events are popular and lots of charity organizations also attend them.

The Chamber Manages to Raise $2,400 for Charity

Various organizations are charity organizations and they specialize in helping people with various illnesses. They may be injured or have other medical conditions, but they can rely on volunteers and other organizations to help them get the funds to keep running.

There were 2 events that were held by the Chamber of Commerce recently and both of them helped various charity organizations. As mentioned before, there were many organizations present during these events. These include the likes of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Florida which is responsible for education on children’s issues among other things, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services of Florida which helps people with those conditions get their hands on affordable devices.

The event held in early November had the charity organizations present their programs and goals to the public. Also, the event managed to raise $1,200 which was donated to the Harry-Anna Trust Fund which finances various programs for services for crippled children.

Another event was held in September and the same sum was raised and given to local charity organizations. The game of choice was bingo and the attendants enjoyed a fun bingo night while raising funds for local charities. With these kinds of events, the Chamber of Commerce shows that it has more than business on its mind. In other words, it also has the community on its mind, as it’s dedicated to it by helping it grow.

These kinds of events help the local charities and help those that need the funds most. Bingo is a popular game and can be used for more than just having fun with friends and family. It’s a game that can gather a crowd when it’s most needed. That’s why bingo charity events will be more frequent. The Chamber of Commerce has the interest of the community in mind and those that need the help most can rely on it to get the funding for their programs.

So, bingo and charities go hand in hand. A game like bingo gets a lot of attention which is why it’s going to be the main attraction at any charity event.


With bingo at charity events, people can have fun and help those in need. They’ll have some prizes for the lucky winners, people will have a lovely night out and charity organizations will be able to help the people in need. So, bingo and charities make for a striking combination.

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