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$4,000 Breast Cancer Awareness CyberBingo ⋆

Time-honored in the gambling world since 1996, CyberBingo has captured 18 years of expertise, admiration, and trust. With the advent of ‘Age of Maturity’, CyberBingo has come up with marvelous, money-spinning and worthwhile promotions. Not just fun but CyberBingo has added a pinch of good cause to its games and tournaments. Take a look at how these promotions spell the magic, dispel rewards along with being noble.


$4,000 Breast Cancer Awareness

Play as a vibrant, outgoing and flirtatious flamingo and be a supporter in the fight to find a cure. Play for those who suffer. CyberBingo is coming out with a ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ campaign on the 17th of October which embraces four incredible ‘Top of the hour’ $4,000 guaranteed cash games. Games are conducted on breast cancer awareness model every hour from 8 PM onwards. Just gaze at the schedule as under:

• Land up in the ‘Bingo Tourney Room’ from 8 PM EDT on 17th October, Friday that is National Mammography Day. This remarkable day will see the onset of the first game of the series. Here against the card cost of $2, the player will be awarded an unbelievable $1,000 cash prize.
• The fourth game of the series is coming with many more surprises. Play it for free. This last $4,000 Breast cancer awareness game will be conducted at 11 PM EDT on the same day. No ticket is charged for entry.
Spread this worthwhile October event and loot the boot. Play and prosper while you put on the virtues.

October delight with Chat special promotions
You might be the lucky one to grab fantastic surprise booty while you are in chat.

Bingo or No Bingo

Experience the tantalizing Thursday fun every week of October in our Classic Room from 8 AM EDT until 11 AM EDT and grab a chance to take home extra BBs. The qualifying factor for this promotion is that a player should win bingo games while on chat. Each number has some BBs associated with it. Upon winning the game, if a player announces ‘Bingo’ then he can keep the BBs, but in case he chooses ‘No Bingo’ then the host will use the first ball in the next game as your winning case. If this first ball has already won your rewards, then you are back home with nothing lost. Each ball can have BBs ranging from 2 to 25.

It is a game of chance where you can win more, less or play just to enjoy.

Digging for Skeletons Special

Make your Wednesday wackier by digging for some special delight in Diamond Bingo Room on 22nd October, Wednesday from 8 PM EDT until 12 AM EDT. Under this design 150, BBs are on the loot as numbers 1 to 75 are hiding 15 diamonds worth anywhere from 10 BBs to 150 BBs. Get ready to grab the show!

If you Bingo on a Skeleton (the last ball called), then the BBs under it are yours. The prizes under the unfound skeletons are used for a draw. To be a contender in this draw you must have purchased cards for at least 15 games during this chat game.