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Former Bingo Hall Turned to Cannabis Farm

Former Bingo Hall Turned to Cannabis Farm

The thing about bingo halls is that they get people together to enjoy a variety of bingo games. It’s a sad occasion when these halls close down and members are forced to find another hall.

Barry Bingo happens to be a former bingo hall filled with memories of good times. The hall had been around for quite some time in South Wales, and recently it found another use. The police raided the hall recently and found around 3,000 cannabis plants all over. No perpetrators were found at the scene.

The Former Bingo Hall Was Raided by the Police

As mentioned before, bingo halls are usually filled with joy. Their members are there to have some fun while playing bingo regardless if they win or not. That’s why they’re sad when their favorite bingo hall closes down. Some of these buildings are turned into an apartment complex, a store, or something else, but some of them stick around.

They are ruins and are filled with memories of fun bingo games. But some of them are of use to certain people or others. The National Grid expressed concerns about high energy usage coming from Barry Bingo. The hall was abandoned which is why it was unusual for a building like that one to use energy at all.

The concern was expressed to the police and they decide to check it out. Upon entering the building it turned out that Barry Bingo, a former bingo hall, had been turned into a cannabis farm with more than 3,000 plants in various rooms. No people were found at the scene, but the tons of fertilizer, equipment, and lights showed as well as food showed that the farm had been active.

The lights and equipment were the reasons a former bingo hall had used so much energy. The police estimated that there’s roughly £3 million worth of cannabis at the bingo hall. They also suspect that the farm is run by organized street gangs. The police are taking action to clear out the farm and are actively looking for the persons that tended to it.


Barry Bingo may have been a former bingo hall that once brought joy to bingo fans, but it was discovered that this hall was turned into a cannabis farm by street gangs. The police seized over 3,000 plants from the premises and are actively looking for the people behind the farm.

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