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Fresh Bingo Member Snags £150,000 on First Visit

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James Foster is one lucky bingo player that managed to get a jackpot of £150,000 on his first visit to Buzz Bingo Warrington. He was up and about and was looking for fun things to do in the area. That’s when he stumbled on the bingo hall and decided to try his luck.

And lady luck decided to be on his side that day when he managed to snag a huge jackpot. This is one of the rare cases of being at the right place, at the right time. James is one lucky man and a richer one too thanks to his smart decision to follow his gut.

A Gut Feeling or a Whim?

The story of James Foster is an incredible one. He happened to be out and about in the area of Prince Henry Square and he was looking for something fun to do. This is when he turned to Google for that purpose and was directed to Buzz Bingo Warrington.

Once he entered the premises he became a member and bought his first ticket. The next thing he did was select the numbers and waited for the matching ones. As each number, he got matched the one that was called he was getting excited.

The numbers kept coming and they all lined up for the huge prize. Everyone in the hall, including him, was ecstatic once the final numbers came about. James was the lucky winner and in that mix of surprise and happiness, he heard he was the lucky recipient of £50,000.

James had just registered at the casino venue and there he was, on his way to collect his first prize and a grand prize at that. He went to the staff to collect this £50,000 and they informed him that this was not the prize he’d won. Sweat trickled down his cheek and a moment of shock was followed by another pleasant surprise when the staff told him that his prize totaled £150,000.

The staff also said that this piece of information left James speechless and they read the emotion, glaring happiness, on his face. £150,000 is a sum that can change one’s life and it changed James’ life. He decided to use the money and buy himself a new home, but he’ll also set some money aside for setting up a business, to keep the money coming in.

The bingo venue staff were just as happy that a new member has managed to win a jackpot on his first try. The overall atmosphere was electric. Jackpots don’t land that often, but when they do they turn one’s life around for the better and give new dimensions to a jackpot winner’s life.


It’s a story like this one that shows you just how random jackpots can be. Some will argue the opposite, but consider James’s case in mind. He got there for the first time, picked some numbers, and walked away with £150,000. This is one amazing win for the community of Buzz Bingo Warrington.

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