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Gala Bingo Survey Explores UK Women’s Usual Dress-up Habits

 UK Women’s Usual Dress-up Habits by Gala Bingo Survey

Gala Bingo Survey Explores UK Women’s Usual Dress-up Habits

It’s not uncommon for Bingo brands to wonder about their target audience, and it’s even less uncommon for them to take it into their hands to find some answers to their burning questions. Gala Bingo, a big-name UK online Bingo brand has done just that recently! The brand popular for its past TV Bingo games explores the usual and unusual dress-up habits of women in various UK cities.

It’s easy to see why the brand has targeted this group of individuals. Women tend to make up most Bingo players, and since Gala Bingo operates in the UK, this is the easiest audience to access. What we’re not sure of is the reason behind this survey. We’ll let that remain a mystery for now and move on to the results of this wild study.

Things to Note

Before we get into the results of this survey, it’s best to lay out some of the details surrounding it. First, the survey included around 2,000 participants. All of them were female, and all of them resided in the territory of the UK. The survey itself consisted of several questions related to women’s dress-up habits. Essentially, they asked women whether they prefer getting glammed up in various circumstances.

Doing Chores in Style

Some of the more puzzling results from this survey come from the questions related to finishing simple household tasks and leaving the house to cross things off of the chore list. Shopping seems to be one of the most important dress-up situations. 24% of women reported they dress up when shopping for clothes, while 34% claimed the same when going to the supermarket.

Going out for a walk also made it pretty high up on the list, as 24% of participants claimed they get fancy to perform this activity. What’s surprising is that this doesn’t usually include putting on a glamorous outfit, but investing time into hair and make-up, as well!

When the questions about doing work around the house came up, these percentages dropped significantly. Only 7% of women said they dress up to take out the garbage. When pottering around the house, 19% reported they like adding some glam to this routine.

A Breakdown by Cities

While 65% of the survey’s participants admitted that they like dressing up regardless of the task they’re doing, these percentages varied depending on their city. For example, women in Manchester seemed to care about their appearance the most, with 70% reporting they dress up regularly to finish menial tasks.

Cities like London and Bristol weren’t too far behind. Here, 70% and 68% of women said they like putting on their best face when going about their day. On the opposite end, women in Southampton showed the least interest in dressing up to finish chores.

Interestingly enough, age also played a role in the answers to the survey. While the consensus on the previous question amounted to 70%, millennials were more likely to answer with a yes, amounting to 77%.

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