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$50,000 Loonie Bingo Contest ⋆

This time bingo players it’s not American Aquatic loons, but Canadian currency loons that are up for grabs. Get acquainted with “Loonie Bingo”; an online Canadian hub portraying marvelous gaming. They have a great platform, guarantee an ultimate experience and incredible jackpots. Loonie Bingo is all set to shake the gaming globe with its ongoing and upcoming promotions that can leave any player spellbound. Make this month of love more joyous, exciting and full of surprises. Take a look at the pleasure box waiting to get unwrapped.

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$50,000 Contest:

Gaming has got another definition at Loonie bingo with over $50,000 worth of themed Canadian prizes. It is not just gambling but involves fun, anxiety, and suspense. The shorter month of flirty February has become fascinating right from February 1st to February 28th with every time staking for a new bingo pattern. If you play twice every hour between 11 AM to 11 PM, you will automatically be a part of the star-studded Grand Prize Draw, now isn’t it an ‘eh’?

Let us now move our eyes to the ‘zed’ part of it. On Tuesday, March 2nd, 2015, all the contest entries will be going for another lucky draw to witness a Grand Prize Winner of $1,000 loonies in cash!

Last but not the least; Loonie Bingo also has in-store weekly “Proud to be Canadian, Winner takes all” tournament for the slot lovers. Your weekly rankings will qualify for the grand prize winner lucky draw.
What more can you expect throughout the month, every week and every rushing hour? This is exactly eh to zed.

Player Appreciation Free Roll

Loonie Bingo takes utmost care to turn your mundane Monday mornings to be marvelous, merry and motivating. Keep looking at your watch; as with the flashing 7 PM, all your stress and worries would disappear as if by magic. Catch up with bingo friends in the Winter Room, to pocket $500 free cash prize every Monday. Mondays were never so affluent before. A player gets a chance to play 20 free games, by paying a mere $25 of cash each. To play for the big $2,000 freeroll you should have played at least once in the last 7 days.

Celebrate this fall-winter at the dawn of every week to mark a happy, rejuvenating and prosperous week ahead.

Nightly $1,000 Bingo Coverall

When the light goes fader, our sky gets brighter not only with the twinkling stars but also with the $1,000 coverall as Loonie Bingo has doubled the prizes. Join the glamour every night at 11 PM EST for a guaranteed $1,000 coverall. This time, the coverall fires up in 50 calls, and 1 call is added every four days. A player gets a chance to grab a minimum of $100 cash jackpot.

So, Canada play more bingo to add tango to your fabulous February