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Get Away from Boring Tuesdays with Tournament Play

Play online bingo at one of our classic favorites. Bingo Hall is renowned for offering the best in class promotions, exciting games and throw away jackpots. Just start the voyage and Bingo Hall will transform your empty pockets to booty buckets. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, varied progressive and massive Tuesday promotions are winking at you. So, dress yourself up and get on the board! Let’s have a look at how Tuesday Treats are at Bingo Hall:

    Mid Day Specials:
    Enjoy an whole hour of allure, every Tuesday from 12 PM to 1 PM EST in Bingo Hall’s ‘Dollar Room’ for fixed prize money of $500.

    Black Out Bingo Room:
    Gain more out of the regular coverall games every ‘Treating Tuesday’ and ‘Serving Sunday’ from 7 PM to 1 AM EST in ‘Black Out Bingo’ room. Bingo Hall are experts in putting glaze to these black out rooms by throwing away more sparkling prizes from regular coverall games that too with same deposits as before. The 6 bingo cover all games play in random fashion every hour and feature variable prizes ranging from $85 to $3,000.

    Lucky Tuesday:
    Think Big and Win Big! Higher deposits make rewards higher too. Get Lucky with complete 250% special bonus, for less than $100 deposits. And, if you want the delight of Tuesday treasure, then increase your deposits; make them more than $100 for an incredible 400% bonus.
    Candlelight Delight:

    Are you a night enthusiast? Does your mood set in as the sun sets? Believe us, ‘The best things happen when you are awake’. To accomplish this, there is a whole range of excitement waiting for you between 2AM EST and 7AM EST everyday in the ‘After Hours Lounge’ room. Put your passion into the gloomy night and get home with sparkling rewards of up to $200. Candlelight Delight has various gems to offer, as in:

    • Variable games with starting rewards from $10 up to $30
    • Fixed games with pots from $30 to $150
    • Dancing games with loot ranging from $30 to $200
    • Every hour giving two different coveralls.

    Rebound Tournament:
    Your losing tournaments can bring you an extra chance of triumph. If your fortune has embraced you with 30 losing games in the ‘Desperate Housewives’ room within a span of 2 days (from Tuesday until Wednesday), then don’t lose your heart. The charismatic fairy is still there with an escape. Your losing games can get you to the one hour event every week on Friday in the ‘Tournament’ room between 10 PM and 11 PM EST boasting $100 fixed prize games.

    Apart from these, many chat room special promotions are catching punter’s delight these days, like, ‘Funny Farm Morning Rally’ in ‘Quarter Room’ from 8 Am to 10 AM EST.

    A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for. So are you, in the pool to catch such lucrative promotions? Go grab the opportunity to win big.