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Glasgow Mecca Bingo Has Another Jackpot Winner

jackpot winner at Glasgow Mecca Bingo Hall

The world of bingo has fans everywhere. The UK is one of the top spots for bingo as there are bingo halls from all over the world. Bingo is also popular in Scotland, especially in Glasgow, the capital.

Mecca Bingo is a popular brand name when it comes to bingo, and you’ll see lots of such bingo halls across Scotland. Recently, one such venue in Glasgow got another winner, which managed to win a £14,000 jackpot. The winner decided to remain anonymous as some bingo winners do.

The Right Numbers Will Hit the Jackpot

Bingo jackpots don’t land that often, but when they do, they are a joy for the winner and anyone around them. Bingo is a social game which means there’s more than one player looking to win a prize which makes winning the jackpot pretty hard to do.

The thing about jackpots is that there’s no telling when they will land. Moreover, there’s no telling when they will land. If the numbers corresponding to the jackpot prize don’t land in the first game, then they’ll land in one of the following rounds.

The Glasgow winner didn’t know that they were going to become a winner as they walked into the bingo hall. The player acted like any other player. They bought a ticket and picked out some numbers. Then they joined the hall for the game.

The other players were just as excited as the future winner which is why they were looking forward to the jackpot prize. But the player seemed to have chosen right because the numbers had been a match so far. When the final numbers rolled in, the player was the lucky winner of a bingo jackpot of £14,000. The player was overjoyed with the prize and decided to stay anonymous.

Some bingo players choose to remain anonymous after winning a jackpot. This is done for security reasons. Still, the Mecca Bingo Hall in Glasgow has another jackpot winner. The person is £14,000 richer and is quite surprised that they were the person that managed to win such a big jackpot.


As mentioned before, bingo is a fun game when played with friends. It gets more interesting when there’s a jackpot involved and when someone lands it, like the one from Glasgow. Bingo jackpots make for a more exciting game, and even if you lose, you’ll get to hang out with your friends at a bingo game.

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