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Granada Supporters Organize Bingo Fundraiser

Bingo Fundraiser

Bingo is a social game that’s about more than just walking away with the prize. It’s about getting people together and uniting them in a common cause: and that cause is having a fun night out. That’s why bingo halls are filled with lots of players.

But bingo is the perfect game for other social events such as fundraisers. The Granada Supporters Club has decided to go for bingo as an event at their next fundraiser which is due in the later part of October. The money raised will be used as funds for the Granada Senior Supporters Grad Night 2023.

By the People, for the People

Usually, when there’s a bingo fundraiser there’s a cause. Sometimes this is just an event to keep a certain facility running, such as care homes for the elderly, or a fundraiser to keep a certain charity running. Either way, a fundraiser is there to help someone or a certain organization.

The one that’s going to be held is organized by the Granada Supporters Club and the funds will go towards funding the Granada SSGN. The Grad Night or graduation night is a celebration for the Granada High School students that shows them that their school isn’t all about working hard.

They have been studying hard for some time and once they get their grades in and graduate, then there’s no reason for them not to party. The bingo fundraiser is aimed at funding that night which is why a fundraiser is going to happen. It’s going to be made up of a bingo event and some snacks. The participants will be Livermore residents and there’s a ticket in it for everyone looking to join. It costs $10 and the money will be pooled into the funds for the graduation night.

Naturally, there will be prizes for the winners and snacks including ice cream, hot dogs, soft drinks, and some chips. The fundraiser aims to provide its visitors with a fun night which is why bingo was chosen as the main attraction.

Both winners and runner-ups will have a piece of the prize. But all of them will have the opportunity to enjoy a nice bingo night. As mentioned before, this is a social event so people will get to see each other, catch up with their friends, and make new buddies while they’re at it.

Once the funds are raised, they will be put to good use. This means helping with the organizing of Grad Night 2023, the night every high school student in Granada is looking forward to once they’re done with their assignments and don’t need to study anymore.


This is another example of how bingo and good causes are merged. A fundraiser always benefits the community and when they get to play a game like bingo it attracts more people to the cause and makes the fundraiser more successful than initially planned. That’s why bingo and fundraisers will continue to go hand in hand.

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