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Groom Lands Bingo Jackpot Before Wedding

Groom Lands Bingo Jackpot Before Wedding

Bingo is one of the most simple games out there which is probably why there are lots of people playing it. There are lots of bingo fans in the UK and some of them enjoy the game at Mecca Bingo halls.

One such hall in Hertfordshire recently got a lucky winner that managed to land a prize of £50K. The player happened to be a groom, soon to be married, and has stated that he’s going to have an interesting wedding as the money will go to the celebration.

He Had a Stroke of Luck Before Tying the Knot

People get lucky in bingo and they win a prize. When they get lucky in life, they tie the knot. Phil Bacon happened to be the king of the guy that found the love of his life. He proposed and what followed was a wedding.

He decide that the wedding isn’t going to be that big, but all of that was about to change as he decide to go out with a friend one night. They decided to visit the local Mecca Bingo Hall. They decided to enjoy a game of bingo and both of them got a ticket.

Once they picked their numbers, they sat down and waited for the winning numbers to be called out. As the session was nearing the end, Phil realized that he was missing a number to get a full house. Then the last number came round and it was the number on Phil’s ticket.

Phil was the lucky winner and he was expecting a small prize of around £100. But when they told him that he had won £50,000, he was shocked. It was a pleasant surprise, as he happened to pick the numbers randomly. He was happy to have won such a prize and he decided to add the win to the budget for his upcoming wedding.

In other words, Phil Bacon got lucky just before he tied the knot. He decided on celebrating the best day of his life with his friends and family, and make it an extra special day by using the prize to add something extra to the celebration.


Phil Bacon and one of his mates decided to visit the local Mecca Bingo hall in Hertfordshire on a night out. Before he knew it, Phil got all the numbers on his ticket right and landed a £50K prize. The groom decided to make the wedding extra special with his prize.

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