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CyberBingo Halloweens Biggest Bingo Tourney ⋆


Gambling is incomplete without bingo. Bingo has always been the most cherished game amongst players of all ages, decorum, stature or interests. Bingo becomes both sweet and salty with its lingos. This game holds the capability to earn you huge lucrative jackpots as it comes with many promising promotions. So forget all your stress, come with your lady luck and go crazy. The three renowned bingo sites CyberBingo, BingoSky, and BingoFest are offering money-spinning potential promotion of:

$50,000 coverall, minimum $10,000

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Celebrate October with fun, delight, and amusement with the massive upcoming event that will definitely leave you thrilled and drenched with loads of money. Come on; gear up for the irresistible $50,000 coverall minimum $10,000 event to be held on the 25th of October, Saturday. Join this event and win big at $50,000 and you could be in the top winner’s catalog. Your dreams are on the verge of fulfillment winking at you to flaunt your magic lucky charm.

How to grab the incredible cash prize? Take a look:
– The platform welcomes you with 3 top of the hour warm-up games, each with a guaranteed cash reward of $1,000. These games require you to spend a meager $2 as a card cost.

– The main scenario comes into action at 11 PM EDT when you actually play for the marvelous $50,000 coverall minimum $10,000 event against the card cost of $5 only. Who knows, this $5 can grab you $50,000.

Where to play:

This whole action will take place on Saturday, 25th of October in the Bingo Tourney room. We have three of our trusted, renowned, equipped and best in class casino sites. Get ready to play and make your Saturday sensational with:

CyberBingo: Graduated from adolescence to maturity, CyberBingo is time-honored to provide excellent graphics, safe and secure transactions, fair gameplay integrated with all modern-day advanced technology. It offers huge jackpots with the added bingo chat convenience.

BingoSky: The main attraction goes for the theme-based bingo rooms giving out the ambiance of a real casino apart from being good at promotions, frequent jackpots, and safe gamble.

Bingo Fest: The true follower of fun portion in life, it claims to eliminate all silly gambling rules generously bestowing hassle-free gaming. Outstanding weekly and monthly bonuses create excitement.

All 3 online bingo sites share the stage when it comes to their generous and rewarding welcome gesture. Once you land up to play with any of these bingo sites you need to register. Once registered, a player is rewarded with $50 as a sign-up bonus. When you are all set to play with real money, again gains are going to delight you with a 500% match up bonus with first deposit.

So let’s begin the weekend with a bang and get ready for the big bingo event!