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Manchester Central to Host Bingo Charity Event

Manchester Central to Host Bingo Charity Event

Cancer is a serious disease that has taken the lives of many. It’s a disease that comes in many forms and one of them is breast cancer. A lot of women have suffered and perished because of it which is why various organizations organize charity events.

Bingo Bedlam is one such event and it’s going to take place in Manchester Central. This bingo event will feature all sorts of activities and is part of the Boo Bee campaign which features women that have a history of breast cancer.

Bingo to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Bingo is a fun game even if you enjoy it alone or with friends. It is also a great game to utilize for a good cause such as raising cancer awareness. That’s why the Boo Bee campaign decided to feature a bingo event in Manchester.

Bingo is a game that a large number of UK citizens enjoy.
People fill bingo halls almost every night and just want to be part of the process. In other words, the atmosphere is thrilling and players love a good game regardless if they win or lose. That’s what makes bingo so special.

The event is going to happen in November and will feature all sorts of activities. Fast-paced bingo is the main event, but attendees will also get to enjoy an 80s disco event. The charity event will also have a George Boy tribute band among other things. Attendees will also have a 2-course dinner and cocktails inspired by the 80s. They can come in a fancy dress or not. The main thing here is to have fun and raise money for a good cause.

In addition to visitors, 100 women that are part of the Boo Bee campaign will also be present to make sure things go smoothly. They have had breast cancer or were affected by it so they have a first-hand account of the disease.

Cancer is the kind of disease that needs to be discovered early to be treated. That way, the chances of survival are bigger. The Boo Bee campaign is aimed to give women the courage to ask for a breast cancer screening and not be afraid to prevent the disease if the symptoms are present. That’s why they went for bingo, a game that most of the UK enjoys.

The event is set and all that remains is that people that love bingo and a good cause come to visit. They are guaranteed to have some fun and enjoy a proper bingo game. The fun is aimed at a good cause and the money spent on bingo tickets will go to raising breast cancer awareness.


Bingo is a good game especially if it’s played for a good cause. In November, Manchester residents will have a bingo event with a fun disco night aimed at raising breast cancer awareness. Events like these prove that bingo is more than just a game people enjoy.

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