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Mecca Bingo Chester Hosts Final Bingo Week

Mecca Bingo Chester Hosts Final Bingo Week

All great things must come to an end, which is why Mecca Bingo Chester will be hosting its final bingo week before closing its doors for good. Bingo fans have fond memories of the place, and they can continue enjoying a game of bingo at other bingo halls online.

The Mecca Bingo venue in Chester is set to close its doors after many years of entertaining thousands of bingo players in the area. The bingo hall, located on Brookdale Place, has become a well-known landmark in the city, with its building signage leading to the adjacent St Oswald’s Way Roundabout being commonly referred to as the Mecca Bingo Roundabout. The venue had previously announced its plans to close in January, and it has now confirmed that it will host its final set of bingo games. The final day of operations is scheduled for February 26 and will feature five jackpot prizes of £1,000.

The Cause for the Close

The parent company of Mecca Bingo, Rank Group, had earlier attributed the decline in its financial performance to factors such as the World Cup and colder weather, which had led to fewer customers visiting its casinos and bingo halls. The company stated that it expects its profits to fall by more than half over the current financial year, with the biggest impact being felt by its Grosvenor Casinos business. Rank CEO John O’Reilly had explained that the bingo hall wasn’t doing all that well which is why the venue will be closed.

Despite the challenges faced by the company, O’Reilly expressed a commitment to investing in initiatives that would ensure the long-term recovery and success of the group. The Mecca Bingo venue in Chester will be missed by many loyal customers who have enjoyed playing bingo there over the years, and the closure is a reminder of the challenges faced by businesses in the current economic climate. However, as the company looks to adapt to the changing circumstances and invest in growth opportunities, it remains hopeful of a brighter future for its operations. In other words, it’s the end for Mecca Bingo Chester, but not the company and certainly not for bingo as there are many other halls bingo fans can visit.

They can go to other nearby bingo halls, and get together and reminisce on the famed bingo hall in Chester. Alternatively, they can go online and enjoy a plethora of bingo games.

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