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Mecca Bingo Introduces Golden Dabber

Mecca Bingo Introduces Golden Dabber

There are lots of bingo brands across the UK, and Mecca Bingo happens to be one of the most popular ones. There are Mecca Bingo halls across the UK and all of them are filled with bingo fans enjoying the atmosphere.

The illustrious bingo brand is looking to commemorate the upcoming coronation of King Charles III and Camilla as King and Queen by introducing a golden dabber adorned with the brand’s logo, king’s crown, and some crystals. The brand will also celebrate the coronation with games starting on May 5th.

The Golden Dabber Commemorates the Crowing of King Charles III

After Her Majesty passed away, Charles was next in line for the throne. His coronation will be taking place on May 5th, 2023 and thousands of people are looking forward to the live streams. Mecca Bingo is a brand that is fond of the royal family, which is why it’s hosting celebrations and covering the coronation ceremony.

The brand has also introduced a golden dabber to commemorate the coronation. The dabber is adorned with the brand’s symbol and is made from a mixture of gold and silver. It has a lid that looks like a crown and has 13 more crystals to offer. The idea of the dabber has come to life thanks to Sarah Weatherall. The dabber will be on display at all the Mecca Bingo halls throughout the summer.

Mark Cheevers, the head of PR at Mecca Bingo, has stated that this would be the ideal dabber for royalty. King Charles has visited Mecca Bingo halls in the past and Kate and William have taken to playing bingo during the pandemic. In other words, the royal family is a fan of bingo and now they have the perfect dabber to enjoy their games with.

The bingo brand has also stated that it will be screening the coronation and offering parties and bingo games starting on May 5th. Bingo fans and royal family enthusiasts will have the opportunity to enjoy the coronation and a couple of rounds of bingo. They’ll also get to see the golden dabber.


Mecca Bingo, one of the prominent bingo brands in the UK, has introduced a golden dabber adorned with a crown lid, crystals, and the brand’s logo to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III. The bingo brand will also screen the coronation and offer parties and bingo games for all visitors.

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