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Mecca Bingo Reveals its Luckiest Venues

Mecca Bingo Reveals its Luckiest Venues

On 2 January, Mecca Bingo revealed its luckiest venues and told the world that they had paid out £148 million in winnings to lucky players across the country in 2022. Mecca Bingo, for those who aren’t aware, is a bingo club operator, with over 70 locations around the United Kingdom. The business is owned by The Rank Group, which also operates bingo clubs, casinos, and online gambling websites in Belgium and Spain. They are one of the United Kingdom’s most popular bingo operators, with a net income of over £30 million. So, their recent revelation came as a welcome surprise to many bingo players across the country.

Mecca Bingo Reveals Its Luckiest Venues

The operator recently stated that their luckiest venues tend to be situated in the North East and in Yorkshire. During the course of 2022, players from these regions managed to scoop up over £28 million. The fabulous amount will seem even better when you take into account that it is enough cash to feed the entire city of Newcastle for a week or so.

The revelations don’t end there though. Mecca Bingo has managed to pinpoint the luckiest town as well. And the honor goes to Stockton. Accounting for the total amount of winnings, the highest and lowest wins, and everything in between, the operators managed to deduce that players in Stockton got a share of £4.5 million. With that much money, the average person can take care of any and all expenses for a few months.

Mecca Bingo Gave Away Millions of Dollars in 2022

This past year the world was met with some ups and downs. Recession and war was the main thing in the news and on everyone’s minds. However, for 18 lucky UK residents, the year was made just a bit more comfortable thanks to the £50,000 jackpots won during Mecca Bingo’s National Game.

In England, residents from London, Stockton, Newcastle, etc, were all incredibly happy to receive a hefty jackpot. In Scotland, Aberdeen and Glasgow’s residents got a slice of the pie. And it didn’t end there. The 18 UK citizens for whom Lady Luck smiled this year were sprinkled all across the mainland.

The head of bingo at the company commented that the sheer volume of winnings this year might have surpassed some sort of record. He went on to say that he is happy to have been able to bring joy to so many people when the times are tough. Finally, he ended the statement by expressing excitement for the new year. It seems everyone at Mecca Bingo is excited to see who will be the first to hit it big in 2023.

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