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New Bingo Hall Opened in Kilmarnock


Scottish actor and comedian Paul Riley, famous for his role as Winston Ingram on the Scottish sitcom Still Game, has expanded into a business owner and gaming tycoon, as he opened a multi-million-pound bingo hall, Club 3000 in the Scottish city of Kilmarnock.

Opening night saw 800 visitors, all of whom were thoroughly entertained. Not just by the different bingo varieties that the Kilmarnock bingo hall offers, but also by the stage magician and the three-man rock band, Scotland Rocks.

Statements on Club 3000

The crowd seemed very well entertained, with mostly positive feedback in regard to the opening night. The general manager of Club 3000, Oliver Fraser said that in his view, the opening had been a major success. He described it as a “fabulous evening” during which the “atmosphere was fantastic”. He further went on to talk about the joy he felt seeing so many customers on the opening night, and he talked about his hopes for the future of Club 3000. He ended his statement with a thank you to all the people that visited the bingo hall and said he believed that the community was great and that he hopes they can welcome as many customers as possible.

Brian Fraser, Club 3000’s owner also made a statement. He talked about the excitement that they felt in the lead-up to the bingo hall’s opening night. Brian also went on to say that Oliver and he were thrilled to launch Club 3000 in Kilmarnock and he hopes that all the new customers will come to look at them as family.

Finally, Paul Riley himself made a statement. The actor and comedian came to the opening night wearing a traditional Scottish kilt and made a fabulous speech, in which he talked about his thrill and delight in opening the new, luxurious and quite fabulous bingo club in Kilmarnock. He went on to praise the staff, the customers and the opening night.

The Club 3000 Bingo Club is, by far, the largest independent bingo operation in the United Kingdom. In Scotland, the firm has six clubs and was a welcome addition to the city of Kilmarnock. The town had taken quite a hit from the loss of jobs due to the 2022 COVID pandemic. So, the estimated 50 roles that Club 3000 brought were certainly welcome.

After two bingo operators pulled out of Kilmarnock, Club 3000 established a new, 3.5-million-pound establishment. Buzz Bingo was the first to pull out in 2020. The establishment took a major hit because of the pandemic. Before Buzz Bingo, the venue was owned by Gala Bingo, which had previously pulled out for similar reasons.


Club 3000’s opening was welcomed with open arms by the Kilmarnock community. For punters, the numerous bingo varieties that the establishment offers are certainly going to be a blast. However, much more welcome are the 50 roles that the bingo operator created in the town, which is still reeling from the Corona crisis that struck in 2020. Overall, the opening was a huge success.

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