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New Spooky Halloween Monsters Bingo Game * MGA Games

MGA Games, one of the leading casino games provider, has your back this Halloween. Celebrate your favorite holiday with its brand new Halloween bingo game, Monsters Bingo. The game not only comes with a spooky theme just in time for the holiday, but it also comes with the developer’s Triple Vista technology. On top of that, it comes with four mini-games to add more fun to your bingo experience. See what it is all about!

A New Monsters Bingo Game Arrives by MGA Games

Monsters Bingo is a new bingo game where you can play on four cards alongside creepy Halloween-inspired characters. MGA Games has released the game a few days ago, just in time for the holiday. Therefore, you’ll get an excellent opportunity to give yourself a scare this weekend, playing a Halloween-themed bingo game. But, the best part is that you’ll also get access to four mini-games to play simultaneously with bingo, in the form of Bonus Games.

The four cards have 15 prize patterns, each 3×5 in size. 30 bingo balls are drawn from the 60-ball drum and 13 extra balls alongside the Wild ball for an added cost. Just click on the Extra button to get access to extras.

The beauty of it is that not only will you play bingo, but you’ll have fun playing the four Bonus Games. To activate any of the four Bonus Games, you must get a certain pattern on a bingo card. Therefore, make sure you get that pattern for the real fun to begin!

The Bonus Games Explained

The 1st Bonus Game gives you the chance to win a cash prize, a Wild card, or End the Bonus.

You’ll get a card with squares on it, from which you’ll need to select your square to discover your prize.

The 2nd Bonus Game takes you to a haunted house. Each window hides an arrow, which can take you to the next row, or a prize. Once you win your prize, this bonus game ends.

In the 3rd Bonus Game, you meet the monsters. They are in race cars. In each round, one of the monsters, chosen at random, moves a random number of positions. You win the value the winner’s car has reached.

And finally, in the 4th Bonus Game, you’ll also see four characters on the screen. There will be a spinner, and you’ll need to press Play in order to stop the spinner and win the prize, depending on where it landed.

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