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Newmarket Bingo Charity Fun

Newmarket Bingo Charity Fun

As bingo is a popular game all over the world, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that people in Canada also play it, even in a town like Newmarket. Sure they have some bingo halls, but the Market Brewing Co. had something else in mind.

The company is actually a pub where you can sit down for a drink and enjoy a fun night out with local musicians as well.

That’s why they decided to host several bingo charities for various charity organizations. And a lot of people turned up at those events.

Multiple Bingo Games for Multiple Causes

Bingo and charities go hand in hand because they both aim at improving people’s lives. Bingo helps them have some fun and enjoy quality time spent with friends or family whereas charities help people in need. They require funding which is why they are part of many fundraisers and people like the owners of The Market Brewing Co. let them use their premises to host a bingo charity event or two.

MusicCan is an organization that’s been having several bingo charity events. It’s also having another one and the aim of the organization is to raise funds so they can provide instruments and music education to children. The organization was founded by Manny DeGrandisan and Glenn Marais, who are famous singers and songwriters throughout Canada.

He’s a musician and has struggled to get a successful career which is why he’s looking to help kids become future musicians. But this isn’t the only organization looking to host bingo charity events as another one on the list is Abuse Hurts. This is another example of how bingo and a good cause can go pretty well together. There were lots of elderly people at the events and they were pretty successful when playing bingo.

They’re usually the ones that visit bingo halls which is why they have more experience than others. But there were younger people at the events too. The important thing is that the charity events have been going on for a while and that the community has helped various charity organizations by raising money via bingo games.

This is how the community gives back to those in need. At these events, people can enjoy a fun game like bingo which is always popular. This means that fundraiser events with bingo games get a big audience which means those in need that are reliant on the help of charities can get the help they need.

With charity events, the charity organizations are kept operational and those in need get the proper training or education to move forward in life. Bingo is a great way to support local charities.


Bingo charity events guarantee a fun night out and you can join such events because you’ll have a good time and help someone in need. Bingo is always a good idea for a charity game as there are lots of bingo fans in Canada. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to see more such events soon.

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