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Oldham Woman Wins £50K Bingo Prize

Woman Wins £50K Prize

UK and bingo go hand in hand. There are lots of bingo fans and halls they can visit. Naturally, they can go for bingo online if they’re looking for something different. But some people prefer the old-school way of playing bingo.

That can be said of Oldham bingo fans as the Mecca Bingo hosts national bingo games regularly. Recently, an Oldham woman played such a game and won a whopping prize of £50,000. She called house as she managed to get all the numbers right which is why she’s another lucky bingo winner.

Mecca Bingo Gets a New Winner

Certain countries host national bingo games, and the same can be said about the UK. Mecca Bingo is one of the brands that helps organize it which is why it hosts national bingo games regularly. There are lots of attendants at these games and the Oldham woman happened to be one of them.

Patricia came to the bingo hall looking to have the usual fun by playing bingo. She bought her ticket just like everyone else and took her seat. The numbers started rolling in and she got them one by one. Before she knew it she had all the right numbers which is why she called the house and she turned out to be the top winner.

In other words, she was the recipient of a £50,000 prize which happens to be the top prize in the game. More prizes were won by other players, but Patricia was the lucky one that got the max prize in the game. She didn’t expect it, but lady luck turned out to be on her side. Now she’s the lucky bingo winner of the week.

You can also say that she got an early Christmas with such a prize. This is just one instance of bingo changing a person’s life because the woman won a top prize. Prizes in bingo will vary, but they will always reward the top players in the game or rather those players that have lady luck on their side. Mecca Bingo has enriched itself with another top winner.


Bingo is more about luck than it is about skill because there’s no telling which numbers will be picked as the top ones. The luckiest of all will get all the numbers right and get a prize, and those that get close to the prize will get runner-up prizes for their efforts.

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